Mysterious signs found in the mountains of China

February 17, 2012 18:41

In China, in caves, located high in the mountains were found strange signs, shaped like discs, made of granite with a hole in the middle. They, like the track, affixed to which many scientists have tried to decipher the world for twenty years. But, after much effort, Professor Tsum Umnuy able to read the inscription, which shocked scientists the whole Academy of Beijing. It spoke of aircraft, 12,000 years ago. People were afraid of their people, ham and sat in the shelter, and then deciding that the aliens (drop) came with good intentions, and went with them on contact.

 As a result, the legend of the "yellow people, who came from heaven." They had a frail constitution and disproportionately large skull. Scientists who discovered the remains of children drop-ham, select them as kind of race is not similar to the Chinese or the Mongols. Just drawings made on the walls of caves, which have found disks are full image set of round balls heading for the horizon with the rising sun. Most inscriptions accompanied attributed spiral characters, not similar to any of the species that existed in ancient times. The meaning of these characters is not solved, and now, according to scientists, unearthly creatures left civilization.

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