Mystery of ancient knowledge




Could they be obtained from the aliens?

Humanoid robots in ancient Greece and China, dogfights BC, tractors and mechanical dragons in the fields of Colchis … What is it — a fantasy echoes of the ancient world or the real, but the strange events that took place at the dawn of modern humanity? Let's not jump to conclusions, but look at the mythology in terms of historical perspective.

Divine technology

The legends of antiquity convince us that, long before the modern technological civilization, our ancestors were able to create and maintain complex machinery, including robots.
From the ancient Greek legend that perhaps the legendary Hephaestus, who suffered from lameness, forged her two gold-plated humanoid robots (servant girls) who "had the power of the mind and voice." They are supported by the arms of Hephaestus, when he went out for a walk, waited on him, amused with stories and songs and possessed all that "immortal (ie the gods — AP) knowledge of the cases have taught." It can be concluded that the program is embedded in these girls was quite versatile.

However, girls are robots — not only the invention of Hephaestus. The legends says that Hephaestus forged brass two dozen of strange tripods, which are in themselves (automatic?) Moved to the gold wheels in the desired direction and just came back, serving gods who visited Hephaestus. What is not automatic vehicles or robots with remote controlled?

But that is not the end of the list of products mysterious Hephaestus. Apparently, he invented for making armor inverses twenty bellows that a given program may change the mode of charging the smelting furnace and, accordingly, temperature and velocity of the molten metal including copper.

Another myth tells how the supreme god Zeus instructed to defend the island of Crete copper giant named Talos, who also did Hephaestus. Talos was an all-metal, with a horned head and had one single blood artery that passes through his body from head to toe, where it is plugged copper nail. Copper giant went around the island, drove alien ships by throwing rocks at them, and loudly shouted laws Cretan king Minos. When one heads to land on Crete enemies Talos began to blaze red light, which drove the invaders. However, the sorceress Medea managed to outwit his false visions and remove the nail from the artery. The black oily blood (according to other sources — the colors of molten lead) emerged, and Talos has lost its force. Since that time, Crete was left defenseless.

If you look at history through the eyes of Talos man twenty-first century, it is possible to choose the appropriate technical lines of: "black blood" — fuel or oil in the hydraulic system, "false vision" — radar pulses-induced interference to the program, "horned head" — antenna-radar.

A similar description of a mysterious robot-like beings of a certain Chi-Yu, is in ancient China. He had four eyes, six arms (manipulators?), Some tridents in place of ears (maybe once-radar antenna as the Greek Talos?). Chi-Yu could move over rough terrain and for a short time to take off the ground. He ate stones, sand, and even iron. When Chi-Yu "died", the locals buried his head in a cave for a long time and have come to worship her. From the grave from time to time the cloud of steam that shines red.

The mention of the cloud is the most interesting "technical attribute." If we assume that due to the "power" Chi-Yu stones, sand and iron carried their conversion to nuclear energy, the nuclear uncontrolled emissions after his "death" could be perceived by observers as mentioned cloud.

In this connection it is interesting act of the famous Hercules after defeating the Lerna Hydra, as it is similar to the actions of the head of Chi-Yu. The coated copper (!) Scales hydra had many dragon heads, among which one (immortal) Hercules buried deep in the ground and piled on top of a large rock. This caution is understandable if the hero had to deal with some means, corrosive or toxic fluids, fuels, gases, vapors or radiation. It seems that Hercules knew what a deal, especially since the rest of his life he used arrows poisoned with Lerna Hydra.

Another mention of the mysterious, apparently, there are robot-like creatures in the narrative of the journey of the Argonauts for the Golden Fleece. Not far from the peninsula of Cyzicus was Bear Mountain, which lived six-armed (as well as their Chinese counterparts) giants. They were thrown into the sea of huge stones torn from the base of the whole rocks, piled on top of each other in order to block the exit of the ship of Jason Bay to the open sea.


In numerous legends of ancient Greece have repeatedly found descriptions of monsters, collectively referred to as dragons. It is believed that dragons — pure fairy tale character, devoid of any real content. However, there are legends, the text of which is full of technical details, and they somehow forced to reconsider its attitude to the dragons. For example, the dragon, stretch and vigilant watchman Golden Fleece, had armored (copper) scaly body, sparkling (burning) of the eye, mouth with three rows of teeth and tongue-tip, and waved a gold crest on the head.
If the specified attributes jackal select appropriate technical equivalents, such as "eyes sparkling with fire" — projectors, lights, a "triple row of teeth" — sealed units constipation (or gear mechanisms), "waved a golden comb" — radar, antenna, the dragon is already perceived as a kind of technological wonder, what he saw and described the man Bronze Age.

You say — fiction? However, the correctness of this interpretation convinces us first of all, to remove this dragon is dead (deep sleep) took a hypnotic effect. And if under hypnosis to understand targeting of Quaking gold crest locator, as has been the case off Medea copper Talos, it becomes clear why "… closed his mouth, closed his eyes sparkling with fire, and covered by a dream, he stretched out in the tree on which hung the golden fleece. "

In other words, Medea took advantage of the already mentioned we welcome the guidance of spurious pulses teams, resulting in a dragon (the car) has ceased to function.

In another example, described the death of the spear like a dragon: "… foam gushed from his mouth, a fierce hiss resounded across the country, all the air was filled with the stench of his breath …" Try to damage the fuel line or pneumatic systems of modern machines and units — and external the effects of their "death" will be similar to those described in the legend …

Thus, if we assume that the image of the dragon is hidden some mechanical system or an automatic alarm system, much becomes clear in this and similar legends.

Among the many legends of ancient China released and the legend of the dragon of Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang. It explicitly states that the dragon had wings, his body glistened like metal. But the most incredible was the fact that air travel this dragon dependent on weather conditions. One day he could not even perform a flight with Shi Huang "on board" because of the hurricane! And it's really quite surprising, as the "real" fairy dragons were patrons of rain and wind. This "anomaly" becomes clear when a dragon lurks beneath the image of the real in the form of a technical prototype of the aircraft. The same legend says that the dragon was designed by at least 70 passengers, who were raised to him in a kind of "mustache". Why not a helicopter with a ladder going down?

It is known that only in 1882 and only a few seconds off the ground first plane AF Mozhaysky. We used to consider it a landmark event in the history of technology. But it turns out that the ancient Indians were aware of the possibility of ballooning five thousand years ago. Their famous air and space chariot has been written a lot. In addition to the legends of India planes scoured the sky thousands of years ago can be found in the epic of Indonesia. It tells of a golden bird — "Willmann." Similar legends are at Chud tribes Urals, which tells about the giant bird reasonable Tohtin-Karis, arrives from the south and people instantly lifts into the sky. Similar stories are found in Inuit epic.

Much less is known fact that the ancient Greek heroes also had to deal with combat aircraft. In the "Argonautica" describes a fight between harpies (bird-winged monsters with women's heads) and boreadami (winged sons of the god of the north wind Boreas). This story mentions a terrible stench harpies. Maybe it was perceived as the ancient people used to the fresh air, the smell of fuel. After all, and still many of us, the people era technology, it seems unpleasant smell of gasoline … There are also described Stymphalian large bird with shiny brass wings that throwing sharp, arrow-like (or bullets), and feathers in the Argonauts. After the attack, the birds, describing the range of the ship of Jason and disappeared over the horizon. Such a maneuver similar to the actions of the pilots of modern military aircraft on patrol a given object or desire to ensure the defeat of the target.

Tractor Ancient Greece

After descriptions of aerial combat over the vast Hellas not sound amazing legends of tractors, swing open the field of ancient Greece. The fact is that in the epic journey of Jason for the Golden Fleece set out an interesting story about a hero of the job performance of the king Eeta: "… Raspashi field dedicated to Ares, my iron plow and plow vpryagsya Mednonogov, fire-breathing bulls, zasey this field teeth dragon, and when the dragon's teeth grow out of an armored warrior, fight them and kill them … "The following describes the two bull jumped out of the cave and a fierce roar rushed to the hero. Clubs fire flew out of their mouths. After plowing the fields, "Jason … hit them with his spear. Rushed like mad bulls and hid in a deep cave. "
What could be hidden behind the images of these bulls? Mednonogov fire-breathing bulls are very much reminiscent of mechanisms that can move around. And as indicated in the legend of "agricultural" designation, it can if you want to see the similarities between the bulls and modern tractors! In technogenic bulls convincing details such as clubs fire, brass parts and more. Tractor, for example, after the end of the work can actually head to the base or in the hangar.

Millions of years of whirlwind swept before us like a dream flashed the shadow of the ancients, who were not people; rose and sunk into oblivion civilization of serpent people, giants, lemurs, in the bloody fires roaring fires and earthquakes sank to the ocean floor is great kingdoms that ruled the earth, and finally we close to the time of recorded history. On the horizon loomed the legendary Atlantis. Some unfathomable mystery, right, hidden in this title, or why people are looking for all ages, and it always is, and every newly discovered sunken land of Atlantis anoint? May be right mystics who claim that our species evolved from the so-called fourth race (aka — The first physical race) — Atlantean race, and we are looking for their roots? Perhaps our search just incomprehensible as traction to the stars, the unknown? ..

Whatever it was, it was about Atlantis written hundreds of books and thousands of articles in search of its spent millions, and the search for these dedicated their lives to hundreds and hundreds of people. And a lot of knowledge, which, as the logic goes, could have the ancient people came to him with the lost homeland. What is this knowledge, if we talk about them in general?

Ancient knowledge — this information is often fragmentary, from various areas of the life of ancient human societies, significantly outstripping the overall level of development of contemporary science, culture and public life, is not correlated with being in possession of historical science data on the state of society at the time of their entry into the scientific and cultural revolution. It is assumed that the ancient knowledge of the people went to the legacy of the dead civilizations (Atlantis, Lemuria), some researchers believe that ancient knowledge — are fragments of information accumulated by human civilization before the Flood. Proponents of the theory paleocontacts believe that ancient knowledge was obtained by people from the aliens.

Usually this knowledge kept closed groups of people (for example, the Druids in Britain, the Brahmins in India, the priests in Egypt) and became the common property of mankind gradually over the centuries. Keepers of knowledge sought to protect the access of unauthorized people (the Greeks, as you see, were no exception.) Therefore, the ancient knowledge is often also called the hidden knowledge. But the source from which they were obtained — is still a mystery.

Alexander Petukhov

21 Secret Power 2004

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