Natalia Ilinich continues to struggle

Social and political activists from across the country hold a demonstration of solidarity with the history teacher of the village Talca Pukhovichi district Natalia Illinich. They will visit the main administrative offices Pukhovichi district in response to a ban on officials to hold pickets in support of the fired teachers.

April 15 socio-political activists from different parts of Belarus planned to hold a rally in support of Natalia Illinich in front of the executive committee of the Pukhovichi district. Applications submitted more than 20 people from Slutsk, Salihorsk, Minsk, Vileika, Zhodino, Borisov and other cities. Denied was all. On this occasion, the activists are visiting PUKHOVICHY officials said one of the initiators of the support action Larissa Nasanovich Salihorsk:

"We want to bypass the offices of all the most important officials in Marina Gorka — executive committee, the prosecutor's office to hear from them personally or they are going to do something for Employment Natalia Illinich. Either they adhrystsilisya from it, dropping everything to chance. When we hear unmotivated refusal to deal with this situation, one of the goals of our actions — to bring to justice the man, who is behind all this — Danilevich Taisa of the regional department of education. We focus on the attention of the international structures and let it join the list of banned too. "

History teacher Natalia Illinich — BPF activist and was among the teachers from whom Taisa Danilevich demanded withdraw from membership in political parties. Director Talkovskoy high school teacher fired Natalia Merkulov luxury Natalia Illinich January 27, after her home was searched in connection with the events of December 19 in Minsk.

The official reason for dismissal — breach in the performance of official duties. PUKHOVICHY district court upheld the decision, despite numerous protests by fellow teachers, students and their parents. Natalia Illinich who has a daughter, a student, trying to get a different job, but to no avail and still remains bespratsovnay.Saligorskiya activists declared the action of support that the scope of which was a surprise for Natalia Illinich:

"I have received many letters, remittances, and calls from all over Belarus. Certainly, I am very happy and in all honesty — not even hoped for. Indeed, I have the idea that the Belarusians — people are not unanimous. But this campaign has shown many people share my spiritual and moral values, and it certainly gives me strength. "

Donations in support of the teachers were also at the office of the Belarusian Popular Front. The other day, party members passed this help Mrs. Illinich, says one of the party activists Sergei Semeniuk:

"People were quite willing to help. Possible that during these months developed a simple instinct of solidarity, where people quickly and actively go for help. Such was the case this time. And the most important thing now is hope that people do not get tired to help identify and not be weary. So far, the situation is precisely this — no matter how long lasted repression by the authorities, all the same people will help each other. "

On appeal the court decision Pukhovichi district of Minsk, who supported the position of the administration of the school to dismiss a teacher, Natalia Illinich appealed to the Minsk regional court. The meeting will be held on April 25.

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