NATO can «neutralize» air defense systems / PRO TURKEY AFTER PURCHASE CHINESE SAM — EXPERTS

NATO can
The representative of the Turkish defense procurement admitted that choosing a Chinese anti-aircraft missile system HQ-9, Ankara did not fully understand the importance of integrating public defense / missile defense system with a unified NATO Defense News reported on September 29.

«We will strive to make the national system of defense / defense, and not Chinese, but based on Chinese technology,» he said. He did not ogtvechat the question whether this system will be able to be integrated into NATO defense infrastructure, hosted in Turkey.

But experts, analysts and bureaucrats NATO they say that the integration of the Chinese system with NATO defense infrastructure «unlikely.» «NATO has the technical ability to isolate the Turkish architecture air defense / missile defense, depriving Ankara befitting receive information on integration,» said one of them.

Special to Turkey, living in London, said that Ankara is likely to create «autonomous system», which, in general, is «meaningless.» About half of the funds of the Turkish defense created on the basis of funding is part of NATO and ground air defense system of the alliance. To protect against missile threats, Turkey needs information from satellite and ground-based ballistic missile detection systems, including radar NATO, which last year was located in Kuresike (south-east).

Turkey’s decision is seen as a political challenge to the Western allies in the alliance. «Obviously, this is a nod in the direction of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), and since then Turkey can not be considered as a faithful ally, as it was before,» said salting NATO and the EU in Turkey.

SCO members are China, Our homeland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In 2012, Turkey received the status of a dialogue partner in the SCO. This year, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) said that his country would seek membership in the SCO, which is often seen as a rival to NATO. But some analysts they say that the signing of the agreement with the Chinese company CPMIEC does not mean that it will enter into force and Turkey will build a defense system based on Chinese technology.

«At the moment after the announcement favorite handy around 2 years of negotiations before the contract will be signed. There have been several cases where the contracts were not concluded with the winner. And even after the signing of the contracts were canceled applets. Such an opportunity is here, «said one of the professionals.

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