NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk revenues to the treasury or the past?

NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk revenues to the treasury or the past?With all the discussions about Trapped Russian media and little freedom of action in comparison with a number of zabugornyh information resources, it is necessary to emphasize that our homeland still managed to jump the barrier, which is referred to as the political and information-adolescents. Such a step may be characterized by many facts, one of which I would like to highlight especially.

It is unfortunate transportation NATO cargo through Ulyanovsk from Afghanistan, which caused, causes, and, of course, will continue to cause a whole lot of difficult issues. By the very fact that the Russian government gave the green light to NATO's own cargo transportation through the territory of Russia, can be treated differently. But there is in this disk imaging, at least one indisputable advantage. It consists in the fact that this kind of information to reach Russian citizen, and we — Russian citizens — have the opportunity to discuss the Ulyanovsk knot …

The reader may say, but what is still, in fact, is a positive occurrence of this kind of disk imaging in the Russian media — say, perhaps living in a democracy does not imply the emergence of information about the life of this country in the public domain? Certainly implies, as suggested in the present case and the presence of the opposition and criticism of the government and the defense of their point of view on these or other activities. But that's the whole problem of the fact that the same West will never miss the ability to say: that the Russian power rests only on authority, concealing the real situation in the country, unwilling to make contact with the media are independent.

This time, however, all in the presence of: the contact, and lighting, and multidisciplinary perspectives. The law on the transport of goods by NATO territory of Russia was adopted, it was widely publicized means of a series of articles in the press, the people, in turn, was able to free discussion of the decision of the authorities. In general, open access to the disk imaging you have provided us with even released details of who will "help" the NATO ship goods through the Russian countryside (a company "Volga-Dnepr"), and what fee will be paid by the financiers of the North Atlantic Alliance for transportation these cargoes (about $ 1,800 per container per year is about 650 million dollars), but that's something we still cuts to the quick. Not everyone can say that specifically, but feel that hurt … and hurt at all that is in the word concealment of facts, the authorities' unwillingness to make contact, but that is usually in our country at all times was transformed into the cornerstone. And the cornerstone is nothing else like question: Who will eventually get the same "NATO" means that we in all colors promise to the people responsible for cargo transit?

Maybe this issue and there would be no, if it was said in the reports that load forwarded by the Ministry of Defence, RAO "Russian Railways", and proceeds from this transit would be to the modernization of the army, navy and railways. Then, as they say, would have remained just glad for the navy, army and steel road. But freedom of speech brought us the news that the deeds of the transit will be engaged in personal company "Volga-Dnepr", which turns out to be a couple of years has every right to transport NATO belongings through the Russian countryside. It turns out that the whole question again rests on the funds that the country (in other words, we are with you) if it will, then the maximum in the form of taxes paid by personal service carriers.

Then quite so unusual thing is: there is a resolution on the Russian Government to permit the transportation of NATO cargo through the Russian countryside, eat, speak out so that the political will, but for some reason this political will is mated with private companies, which are unlikely to want to send their earnings On the national welfare (which they, as they say, it is necessary …). Well, in fact, for all Comments phenomena such as NATO cargo transit through the territory of Russia is unclear on what basis it was decided to deal with such a sensitive issue of "Volga-Dnepr". No — no one is going to put a spoke in the wheel of development of personal business in Russia, but somehow very close Russian authorities have allowed private companies to step up as a controversial issue, as a service of the foreign military bloc.

In this connection, imposes itself, nor to any binding, output: official Moscow longs to show that it is at this point is a little bit away from what is still essentially be transported through Ulyanovsk. Then, and this position is similar to the option "none of my business": if it allowed a puncture, it will be possible to rapidly shift the blame for this is the "Volga-Dnepr". Or all the same "Volga-Dnepr" share more than the 13th interest earned and will protect the interests not only of their own control, and the Russian Federation as a whole (sorry for the extra pathos).

It turns out that the Russians made it clear that any NATO military base in Ulyanovsk will not, and that NATO spy radar deliberately scattered throughout the territory of Russia during transport, fear you and I should not, but have forgotten to explain, and in particular Whose budget will go the same NATO millions, provided on a silver platter, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. I'd love to count on the fact that the whole idea of transit — not another corruption scheme, in what may be traced and senior figures of, for example, the Ministry of Defense, and is true and obmyslennaya planned operation, the proceeds of which go really a public good, even if taken separately for the benefit of the town of Ulyanovsk.

In general, to the freedom of speech we have lived, left to hold on to thoughts of transparency of the officials who sit in their offices with the highest ceilings …

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