Near the entrances, where they live Vitebsk alleged terrorists, the police on duty

A policeman in plain clothes every interested person who comes to the door, and passes only those who live here or who are waiting for the owners. This is — for the safety of relatives of suspects, said the police officer.

After as the names of Vitebsk guys, who are accused in the attack on April 11, appeared on the Internet, such measures have become necessary, said police officer, who is on duty outside the five-story building on the street Repin. On some sites, it was reported that in apartments where children live, someone pavybivav window, but next door neighbors do not confirm this.

Information that relatives took the unidentified plainclothes and taken to an unknown destination, also raise doubts among those who live nearby. "Mother K. very decent woman, we say hello to her. I have not heard anyone condemn her or aggressively treated her. Perhaps relatives left for themselves, that they are not bothered by journalists or this is done in the interests of the investigation, "- says one of the neighbors.

Talking to reporters about his son mother arrested Vlad K. categorically refused. She said that the media "mixed dirt, and never tell the truth."

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