Nearly 160 tons of debris removed in the Altai Mountains for 2012

More than 158.431 tons of debris removed from the territory of the Altai Republic since the beginning of 2012, which is three times more than last year, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the regional Rospotrebnadzor Bugreeva Marina.

Leaders Altai considers tourism one of the most promising sectors for the economic development of the region as a whole. However, tourists, the flow of which the republic is growing every year, often leaving behind literally "mountains" garbage. At the same time, the Altai Mountains is marketed as environmentally friendly corner of Russia, and a large amount of debris, according to the region's leadership, can ruin an image. This fall, the Republican deputies adopted amendments to the local law, according to which fines for litter in the country increased significantly.

"Over the past year in the region was removed 2.969 thousand illegal dumps and piles of garbage, it's a 51.495 tons. This year, as a result of cleaning for the whole year — more than 158.431 tons of waste, it is three times larger. Well this work was carried out in Gorno-Altai, where all the territory assigned to the responsible persons, enterprises and institutions. to work on cleaning the streets unemployed persons involved, and the maximum volume is held landscaping. well in this respect distinguished Shebalinskiy, Ust-Koksinsky, Choyskiy, Ust- Cannes, Ulagan. Combating waste in other municipalities, however, raises a number of complaints from service Rospotrebnadzor, "- said the interviewee.

According to her, now engaged in garbage collection is too late, as the region had any snow. Currently, all municipalities should start preparing for the big spring cleaning.

"It is time for the issuance of orders to companies, organizations and institutions, as well as ordinary citizens to start in spring of the landscaping in full. Addition, the winter — a good time for doing staff work: the development of master plans for the settlements, the rules improvement, changes in legislation, community outreach, as well as a hot time to deal with ice and icicles ", — said the employee management.

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