NEW BOMBER WILL NOT «jump TECHNOLOGY» — Chief of Staff U.S. Air Force

Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force Gen. Mark A. Welsh-third (Mark A. Welsh III) aggressively spoke about respecting the timing and price of creating a new distant bombers, reports November 13.

General said that any configuration requirements for the newcomer to the plane must pass through it. «I’m not going to say anything (in configurations applets), if I’m not entirely sure what they needed,» he said. Welch recalled that the latest bombers B-52, located in the Air Force, were built first 1960s, the B-1B in 1988, the B-2 in 2000. «We must be willing to have a new bombers, if God forbid, will have to conduct a large-scale military campaign. We need a sufficient number of bombers to achieve victory in battle, «said Welch.

By today’s U.S. Air Force plans should adopt a new bomber for 10 years, this year’s program from costs amount to 440 million dollars, but in 2014 these waste will increase to 1 billion dollars, which will focus on the integration of on-board systems. Price 1st aircraft should not exceed $ 550 million

«We have to make a plane that will have an acceptable price, but possess the highest combat abilities. To this end, we have a very extensive use of mature technology. Plane will not be a «leap of technology.» We are not going to create a plane without proven technology, the other way we do not go, «said the general.

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