New detainees in the metro blast

Alexander Lukashenko said that during the investigation of the terrorist act detained people through negligence where the tragedy occurred.

Video of explosion in the Minsk metro

"If it were not for some bungling, we would have them (the suspects in the bombing — the" Interfax ") was detained earlier, on the explosion of July 3 (2008 -" Interfax ")," — told reporters on Saturday Lukashenko in Minsk.

"There is some evidence, for example in the near future, as it has become possible, and there is an element of complete neglect. Whom? Say The near future. They were arrested, I said to interrogate them as criminals," — said Alexander Lukashenko.
Lukashenka also said: "As a person with a huge wallet to 20 kg is explosive and it all happens in front of the police station, subway workers?"

Lukashenko called the dregs of those who speak about the terrorist attack power prychynnastsi

Alexander Lukashenko called scum and scoundrels who claims that the alleged leaders of the country affiliated to the terrorist attack on the subway and made it to divert people's attention from economic problems.

"Only idiots and scoundrels can argue thus," — said Lukashenko on April 16.

"And then, what they say, what was done to divert attention (from the economic problems — "Interfax") of the people, only idiots can talk like that "- said Lukashenko.

"What the situation is so critical that I have to go to extreme measures? She is not critical," — stated Lukashenko.

Lukashenko: Among the opposition, there are fighters

Lukashenko named executor attack in the Minsk metro unique chemist

Alexander Lukashenko said that during the investigation, interviewed teachers believable performer terrorist attack in the Minsk metro, including chemistry teachers, who knew the suspect.

"This is a unique person by nature, and it is in chemistry. Troechniku in all subjects, and in chemistry — well" — said Lukashenko.

Lukashenka: "I'm probably not an idiot if I take the responsibility, claiming that crime solved"

Lukashenko said the terrorist attack on the artist: "In place of residence in the basement of the house discovered a laboratory where he collected explosives seized from there 190 items, including metal, beads, fittings".

Lukashenko also said that "last night was an experiment." "We forced him to smuggle a task force, from Vitebsk and ending place of the explosion, the moment when they were detained."

"He showed, from an apartment in Vitebsk, I came on which the train that brought many kilograms drove in what bottles pots on which the apartment as of the conspirators assembled device," — says the head of the administration of the state.

"This coincided completely. I am absolutely convinced that this is the case," — said Lukashenko.

"I'm probably not an idiot if I take the responsibility, claiming that crime solved," — said Lukashenko. On He said, the first explosion was discovered July 3, 2008 in Minsk, the organizer was detained.

"When he was fingerprinted, we did not know it or not, he was just a hunch. Checked his database and saw that the fingerprints match," — said the head of state.

"And he immediately said," Yes, I did. "He told all he knows is a consequence for seconds, minute by minute. Then he said that he and explosions in Vitebsk, and in the subway — the work of his hands," — said Lukashenko .

"You know, after the explosion in the subway does not go to the apartment, and the crime scene on July 3. And then came to the apartment, and there they have already organized drunkenness," soaked "- said Lukashenko.

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