New Soviet Union?

Russia "master" the new Customs Union and turns the gas pipeline "Nord Stream" a tool to put pressure on its neighbors, writes a regular contributor to the newspaper Die Welt Gerhard Gnavk.

In the East of Europe is not far off event that can enter into the history books. It is a question of the Customs Union, which together with Russia must be enter Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. "In the new union can enter two-thirds of the old Soviet empire. Talks are under way on new levels of cooperation" — the author continues by asking, do not be turned into a new inter-state formation in the good old The Soviet Union?

The two "athletes" — Belarus and Kazakhstan — have said their "yes": a last year some internal barriers have fallen, while customs duties have been aligned to the Russian level. "As long as that does not hurry with the decision only Ukraine, which stands in the" heavyweight ", with seemingly focused on Moscow President Yanukovych Kiev bets on integration with Europe. Ukraine is in talks with Brussels on a free trade agreement and WTO accession" .

Vladimir Putin know which bets are made, the browser continues. In his own words, the Customs Union will be able to fundamentally change the shape of the entire Eurasian geopolitical space. The head of the Russian government prefers action: in Kiev, he presented information, that have indicate that the growth of the Ukrainian economy will be 2 percentage points if Kiev joins the Customs Union. "But there is no carrot, no stick if Ukraine continues to resist, Russia will lift customs duties," — adds the author.

The pressure on Kiev is growing by leaps and bounds. Its apogee was shchyravanni head of the board of directors of the Russian gas monopoly "Gazprom", which said in Brussels that in the "Nord Stream" is scheduled to throw from the Ukrainian direction up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas per year. This will save Ukraine as a transit-fifth of transit fees amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. The timing is not accidental: Now Kiev is in talks with Moscow on reducing gas prices. "The decline in prices in response to the agreement" — a promise of Moscow.

According to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Eshki Fischer's speech in this case is not about the gas, and the access to the strategically important Russian Ukrainian and Belarusian infrastructure, and this is the close proximity to the EU.

In the interest of the EU to stabilize the situation in the neighboring countries (discussed in the article comes to Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova), in other words — to promote the development of democracy and market economy. "Only against the background of poverty and instability of the former vassals of Moscow Putin's" managed democracy "is the power to restore order. Their economic helplessness can lead to the fact that they give a strategically important part of companies to Russian oligarchs or octopus in the guise of a monopolist" Gazprom ".

EU notes at the end of the author, should not be left aside: Unlike Libya, the countries of Eastern Europe are potential candidates for accession, and to treat them accordingly.

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