Newcomers from the past — Time Travelers

October 27, 2012 2:05

Ancient monuments, built in accordance with the movement of the heavenly bodies. History written in stone, Slavic rulers of other worlds. Calendar, to accurately predict the displacement of the axis of the Earth every 26,000 years. Themselves whether to create the Maya in Central America one of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world? Or they have no other source of knowledge that is outside of our world? They knew no metals, no electricity, but it has developed mythology, language and religious culture. They knew better than any other astronomy of contemporary civilization. Maya felt the need to exact computation of time, because their gods would return. Millions of people around the world believe that in the past we were visiting extraterrestrial beings. What if it's true? Does ancient aliens build our history? Who were they? Whence came they? What is left behind? Where to go? Return it?

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