Nibiru — flies or fly?

December 12, 2011 22:11


Astronomers named the date of the end of the world

Despite official assurances astronomy that end of the world with the cosmic point of view of humanity is not threatened, some experts argue the opposite. A number of studies shows that the February 14, 2013 will vseplanetarny cataclysm, because of which the world's magnetic poles will shift, there will be the most powerful earthquake and tsunami.

Day of February 14, 2013 may be the final day of all humanity, the pessimists believe the science. On this day in the vicinity of the Earth would be a huge "Planet Devil" Niebuhr. At some point, our planet will take place between Niebuhr and the Sun, causing the displacement of the magnetic poles occur with subsequent tilt of the Earth. All this and cause biological collapse.

Planet Niebuhr In 1983 was recorded by Americans Thomas Van Flandernsom and Richard Harrington. Official astronomy assures that Nibiru does not exist. However, some astrologers around the world are sure such statements state science does only out of desperation — to prevent future disasters mankind is still not in force.

Earlier, the most likely day of doom was called December 21, 2012 — the last date in the calendar of the ancient Maya. According to the predictions of the Maya, it is this will be the last day of the calendar for the whole of mankind — in the northern hemisphere there a second sun, which eclipsed its size in existence.

Mayan calendar was created almost four thousand years ago. The ancient sages believed that every 26 thousand years in the universe there is a jump (in science it is known as a quantum leap) cosmic consciousness, which mark the transition to a new energy state. According to them, starting in 2012, all of humanity will have to pass a test of ability to move to another evolutionary epoch.

Today, however, scientists do not delve into the esoteric, and try to imagine how long the transition and transformation of the planet. According to some researchers, the shift of the poles and the change in the magnetic field of the Earth will continue until 2053.

Curiously, while approaching the planet Nibiru to Earth surprisingly coincides with the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. In addition, in 2012, will another astronomical event of universal values — all the planets in our solar system line up in a line with the center of the Milky Way. This parade of planets occurs once in 26,000 years and marks a complete revolution of the Sun around the galactic center, writes

Astronomers: Nibiru is already ripped a planet Earth crush on Valentine's Day!

Unidentified space object has been 4000 years since escape velocity is flying to the Earth. February 14, 2013 he will be at the point of closest approach. Astronomers have found that this huge planet wandering throughout the universe.
February 14, 2013 celestial body larger than the size of the Earth in 5 times, will be dangerously close to our planet. The strength of its attraction is so powerful that it can change the slope of the land. If this happens, change the axis will shift the magnetic poles. Then the planet will fall unseen forces floods and volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, sweeping everything in its path, and the earthquake, the website Capital TV.
In 1978, Zecharia Sitchin, famous American scientist, makes a sensational statement: in the solar system planets, not nine, according to science, and 10. According to the scientist, besides the known planets, there is one — Nibiru. She wanders in space at an incredibly eccentric orbit and passes through the solar system every 3600 years. Theory Zecharia Sitchin scientists have reacted with disbelief, but in the early 80's after a lengthy mathematical calculations existence of Nibiru has been proven. In 2005 the American astrophysicist said that at a distance of one light-years from Earth is a huge celestial body, at high speed, it is close to our planet. What is it, the astronomers were able to say no, because the celestial body is so dark that no optical telescopes or other instruments can not see it.
Fix the mysterious object scientist could only 2 years ago, when the Earth's orbit was a new super-power infrared telescope. What the astronomers saw on the decoded images taken with the telescope permanently plunged into shock. In the black void of space easily discern the outlines of a huge planet, no longer any doubt — it Nibiru.
After studying the parameters and trajectory of the giant planet found that the size of Earth Nibiru 5 times. After 3 years, it can fly only a few hundred kilometers from Earth. Being so close to our planet, it could easily rip off her air. But if the trajectory of Nibiru will change at least half a degree, it will face with the Earth. Hit space body size Nibiru leaving no chance for survival.
Alexander Bagrov, senior fellow for space astrometry Institute of Astronomy:
If the body size of the moon at a speed of 100 km / s crashes into Earth, the impact energy is sufficient to spill our planet into tiny droplets. A Nibiru is 5 times the size of Earth.
The assumption that Nibiru can destroy the Earth in two years, recently received the proof. Scientists have found that once Nibiru already destroyed another planet. It turned out that 16 million years ago, in our solar system existed planet Phaeton, it was located between Mars and Jupiter, now in its place the asteroid belt. Scientists believe that the belt is nothing but the fragments of the ancient world. According to astrophysicists, likely Nibiru Shay ran to where she once again passed through the solar system, after such a blow planet shattered into pieces.
In 2010, the hypothesis that the planet Phaeton existed in reality and could be lost due to a collision with Nibiru, has been confirmed. Gathering evidence, NASA experts sent to the asteroid belt a special probe. With the help of experts found the stone blocks of traces of organic molecules, which means that the asteroid belt — it really fragments Phaeton. Not only to crash on the planet is likely to have a life.
Alexander Bagrov:
If we find the following passage of the planet of life, then there is an interesting hypothesis: that planet was destroyed together with the appearance of the sun, and before it was inhabited by some life forms. We're on the lookout for the sky to see the body, which will cause us a fatal blow. We developed the system to prevent such an attack, for the disposal of dangerous body off to the side.

Why not see Nibiru?

Now there is a lot of information about the planet Nibiru, but critics of the theory of its existence denied by all. As the day of the smallest distance Nibiru from Earth is at hand, and the theory is the date of December 21, 2012, astronomers have been to see her. But why Nibiru is not visible in any telescope? There are two problems, because of which it is impossible to detect this planet X. The first reason is basic — a simple unwillingness to find it. There appears a conspiracy theory, withhold information no matter what. The second problem is in the features of the planet and therefore the technical complexity of its discovery. Now tell all in order.
Authorities of all countries are interested in the information about the planet Nibiru carefully hidden from the general public. After all, if everyone will know of its existence and, consequently, of the approach of a global catastrophe on a cosmic scale, will panic, that will not succumb to systematic analysis. And panic is inevitable, because scientific advice for the events of late 2012 could lead to the inevitable destruction of 90% of the population. And it seems such a massive cosmic object flying to the Earth, and who knows, if not cause for a global cataclysm. And with global panic disorders begin in all countries, no one knows how to behave in each individual and the government will be powerless to do anything.

Planet Nibiru refers to a type of brown dwarf stars or cooling. Ancient inventory Nibiru characterize it as a "winged star" having red wings. Detailed study of the available evidence, we can say that it fits the description of this type of cooling stars. They measure the diameter of Jupiter, but the brightness of the giant does not exceed 0.01% of the brightness of the Sun, as the fusion reactions inside stars fading. Therefore see a celestial body is possible in an infrared telescope, it is still quite warm, and the light does not radiate. Nibiru is not yet so cool to turn into a planetoid, which could see any student who has home amateur telescope. This is also a problem finding Nibiru.

The main means of infrared space monitoring bodies is orbiting telescope IRAS. Running it occurred in 1983, shortly after the launch telescope data has been leaked, and it allowed to hear the official information from NASA's Information Bureau of the existence of Nibiru. But then very quickly the information was classified, to avoid possible mass panic. NASA has organized the South Pole special observatory to monitor the approach of an unknown planet. The observatory has a modern infrared telescopes, allowing to follow the path of Nibiru to the solar system. But now we can not have official information and learn about all much later than we would like, sorry online

2012. Indescribable (Oleg Rozhkov)

Author's view on the interpretation of the prophecies of the end of the Maya world in 2012, the song was made disaster film 2012. True or false? What was not mentioned in the film?


There is such — more pessimistic view ….

Day X — Nemesis — the cause of accidents

Nemesis - the cause of accidentsSoon the Earth will pass through a physical disaster. Pole shifts characteristic of such times. The earth's crust moves relative to the soft molten core, core moves in one direction, and the core, which has a stronger magnetic field in the other. This is a time of strong geological upheaval inevitable for humans.
There will be many deaths. Most people on Earth at that time will be in the dark. They may know of a drought, the reddish glow during heat of the day, perhaps even the reddish dust, ink water and imparts a bitter taste of the water they drink. Most people in the world have so many daily challenges, day after day, that they are hardly noticed. Even those who can pay attention, hardly do anything about it. Can a person who is hard to support his family, somewhere to fly to find a place of safety from the impending disaster? Through which they will live, and even if they could reach safety? And that would be the safest place? It is an unknown experience. And there is nothing in memory on this. Denial strongly. The authorities do not support the dissemination of information, wanting peace and preserving the status quo.
Even where there is awareness, there will be little action. Many people look at you, and will discuss whether or not for such a life to do something. Leave the house, the comfort of familiar places and people that support their life? How will they live? Should I take the time to become beggars, while you can stay in their own familiar surroundings. There will also be a lot of people cling to their wealth. Even if it will be for them a safe place, they will find that adhered to the material values and can not part with them, despite the risks. They will die with their treasures, clinging to things as lovers. Many people, face to face with the ruthless selection, stand in a position of denial.
Some information about the cause of impending disasters appeared in the media:
NASA scientists have discovered that the invisible planet solar system, which are related to the impact of disasters that occur on Earth at intervals of tens of millions of years, reports RIA "Novosti".
According to the researchers, "Nemesis" or "The Death Star", five times bigger than the size of Jupiter and is a brown dwarf, which can not be monitored.
Scientists believe that passing through the Oort cloud, the gravitational field Nemesis directs toward Earth meteorites, comets.
Note that the brown dwarf — this is not a planet, it belongs to the class of substellar objects. Weight of this category of celestial bodies is 75-80 Jupiter masses. For the detection of brown dwarfs using the coronagraph, sensory telescopes and Widefield seekers.
Recently, scientists have found that the magnetic field of our planet has appeared 3.5 billion years ago, that is 250 million years earlier than previously thought, geologists found from South Africa and the USA. According to them, it is our planet's magnetic field is allowed to create a reliable environment and protect the first primitive forms of life from destructive cosmic radiation.
"These data force us to think about the origin of life on Earth. Obviously, one of the theories — is water. However, the magnetic field — it is no less important component. Take a look at Mars, it is completely dry, because it could not exist on the planet to hold liquid "- said John Tarduno, one of the authors of the work.
Evidence approach of this planet may be more based on the fact that you have the opportunity to watch over the past several years. They are not only in the geology of the Earth. If you just look at the reaction of the government, we can see evidence of this. Of course, for those who do not believe that this can happen, there will be no sufficient amount of evidence. Why NASA hides what Hubble registers and fails to disclose it? If you look at the star only as a luminous point, you can get many interpretations of what is observed. Many radiation coming from space may be studied only by means of large observatories, whose number is not large, and it requires such high costs for research, the results will inevitably end up in the hands of those who control the puppet of the chain engaged in research. In addition, you have to NASA and JPL, which are contrary to what people may observe.
For hundreds of years before, astronomers studied the orbits of the outer planets, and stated that they had indignation. This has produced a stream of active studies in the early 1980s, among them were calculating Van Flandern and others, showing the approximate size of the planet, more planets in the solar system, which is the cause of the detected disturbance. He was remarkably close to the actual size of Planet X, which is periodically joined us. They found her. They determined its position in the infrared spectrum. There were newspaper ads about it, and suddenly all the messages stopped, not a word was said during the decade. Then, NASA announced that the orbital perturbations due tiny difference in weight of the outer planets. If this were so, then why all the astronomers during these centuries erred in determining the weight of the planets and the observed perturbations? After the weight is calculated by the orbit of the planets and the apparent size. They would in the meantime have clarified the results of calculations of weight, to explain the disturbance! Of course you fool and you are lying.
In addition to finding a moving object, which, of course, be seen and discovered for the year to offset the poles, watch for changes in your world. Changing the types of earthquakes, weather changes say more than anything else that's coming. Take a look at the way the mass exodus of Jews and the fact that the Bible and the report of the Egyptian papyri occurred before the previous disasters. Pay attention to the unusual behavior of animals, insects and frogs, droughts, earthquakes, and floods.
Media reports of the heating of the ocean floor, and the increasing magnitude of the perturbation kernel — signs that Nemesis is near. This is to alert you, and you will soon see something in the sky.

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