Night of shame French special forces

Night of shame French special forces

The rescue operation was a failure at the planning stage

In the night from 12 to 13 January the French commandos tried to free hostages on the ground in Somalia. Operation failed on the battlefield proved thrown badly wounded soldier, killed another. Maybe dead and a hostage. Virtually no disk imaging in this regard has not provided a public Paris. But rather to analyze what happened and that permeated the media.

French intelligence agent with documents in the name of the journalist Denis Alleksa arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu in July 2009. Almost a week later at the exit of the hotel, he was captured by the rebels and taken away in an unknown direction. Only in 2010 appeared in the web video message Alleksa, in which he called on the French government to abandon support for the Somali government. Subsequent appeal appeared in October 2012 and caused a lot of noise in the European media environment. At this time addressed to the president hostage Francois Hollande with a request to begin negotiations for the release.

Then stirred the public, very influential in France. But the president was not going in exchange for a hostage swap foreign policy. Especially since before the French began to hunt various extremist groups around the world. Because preparations began for the operation to release Denis Alleksa, 4th year remain imprisoned. Was to establish a place of imprisonment agent layout of the premises, security system, approaches, etc. It was clear just who grabbed a hostage — Islamist group «al-Shabab.»

Since agents in Somalia, no one, and the ability of reconnaissance equipment France is very limited information provision engaged CIA as an ally in NATO. This — of cosmic rays, shooting drones and radio interception. Such a set of data can hardly be considered vseobyatnym. And already at this stage would be made wrong conclusions, and then continued accumulation of errors. First big mistake — underestimating the enemy.

In the view of most newspaper readers, grouping «Al-Shabab» — a native guerrillas, uneducated, black and untrained. Somali pirates are analogue, which indeed, such are. The word «Al-Shabab» translated to mean «the young guys.» While most Arab states define this word social stratum — young men aged 25 to 35 years. In some countries — up to 40 years. Children and youth, if and are in group, in small quantities and in tertiary positions.

Full name of the organization — «Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen.» In other words, «Young warriors for the faith.» Group appeared as a result of the split of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) — the head of the enemy of the Somali government and Ethiopian troops allied to him. When the moderate wing of the ICU entered into negotiations with pro-government forces, armed irreconcilable made their company «Al-Shabab.» And declared themselves the vanguard of global jihad in Africa under the banner of pure Islam, in fact, Wahhabism. Immediately embarked on a force acts on the spread of Sharia law not only in Somalia, and in the Christian provinces of Ethiopia.

Groups «Al-Shabab» originally formed by Somali acceptable principle — clan-tribal. And at the moment, these groups (teams) maintain uniformity. Brigade «al-Afghani» commanded Ibrahim Haji Jama consists of people from clans and Isaac Charter. Brigade «Shongol» Sheikh Fuad Mohammed was formed in the port area and Mark Brava south Mogadishu. Own clan and team manager «Al-Shabab» Mukhtar Robo.

But almost immediately rushed grouping jihadists from around the world — Yemenis, Pakistanis, black Sudanese, Saudis and Arabs of other states that have passed Afghanistan. Including living in Europe. Shipment from Spain involved Somali pirates have any great links with the local police. Priemuschestvenno in Spain pirates converted extracted millions in modern Soup, food, equipment, etc. Islamists, who first announced the fight against piracy one of the main objectives agreed and relaxed soon receive their share of the amounts purchased for ships and crews occupied. Similarly, the Taliban in Afghanistan have struggled with drug traffickers. Crushed them, forced to recognize the protection racket, and the creation of opium sharply beginning to gain momentum.

Virtually the entire command of the «Al-Shabab» was Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because the organization operates according to the setting of Bin Laden. Ordinary soldiers are trained in camps in areas of Eritrea and, in the main, in Kenya. Over the past 20 years in Kenya, thanks to refugees appeared Somali diaspora, according to various sources, numbering from 500 thousand to 2 million people. In Nairobi suburb of Eastleigh, nicknamed «Little Mogadishu» many unemployed youth, and the men «Al-Shabab» pay 100 dollars per month, providing power and form. It is an inexhaustible source of replenishment. In addition, propaganda and sermons are conducted in Swahili, that lures the ranks of jihadists indigenous Kenyans.

With «Al-Shabab» waging war Somali authorities, military contingents Ethiopia and Kenya, the Somali Sufi group, who had taken up arms after the Islamic fundamentalist youth began to blow sacred Sufi mausoleums and destroy elders. Times reported complete defeat «al-Shabab.» Last time this declared President of Somalia Sheikh Hassan Mahmoud December 13, 2012. Exactly a month later French Special Forces shameful failed operation against Tipo broken young Islamists.

«Al-Shabab» has a structure haraktenuyu for the army, and not partisan. The organization has its own intelligence and counterintelligence, sanitary unit, modern communication system, rear service logistics. And the propaganda division «Jaish al-Hizb ‘work with local populations. Personnel dressed in camouflage army, well armed and trained.

But human rights groups say the U.S. «Al-Shabab» common title for youth gangs in Somalia. Maybe about the same submission holds and the CIA. In this case, the information transmitted by French intelligence, initially could be incorrect. And if the operation was prepared against the weak, poorly organized and untrained young, the failure has been programmed and inevitable.


In 1992, France created special operations management GCOS, which included all units of special purpose. This parachute regiment of marines, has nothing to do with the Marines; Special Operations Aviation Squadron, providing helicopters and other aircraft; 5 units of marine special forces; Air Force parachute commando company aimed at saving downed pilots on the ground of the enemy; Helicopter Squadron Air Division and Special Operations.

In fact, there are no analogues Spetsnaz GRU of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, the group «Alpha» and some other Russian units and detachments. Accordingly, the training was conducted in French, based on fundamentally other acts than storming the town. But what the unit was involved in the operation secret. Generally there is no official explanation for the results of the fight. In general, it is common practice — nobody opens its strategy, methods of preparation and the degree of training and readiness of personnel.

Underestimation of the enemy and bad knowledge of the object of attack led to the wrong choice of strategy. The first mistake was the landing from helicopters in 3 kilometers from the town. From 5 to eight machines landed troops 50 employees. It is naive to think that the NIGHT MODE when air mokrovaty excellent conductor of sound, no one can hear a whole squadron.

In Afghanistan, the Russian special forces acted differently. Helicopter sat at a distance from the object, local mujahideen expelled toward a landing armed group. Meanwhile, the helicopter made a circle and sat down in the opposite direction a few kilometers. Accordingly, the exiled second squad. Meanwhile, the helicopter has sat down next to the object, only special forces landed here and do puzzles.

From the landing site to the town of the French fled three kilometers in flak jackets, helmets, gun and ammunition, knapsacks and other equipment. But the element of surprise was lost, and the operation failed, has not yet begun. On the approach to the town was met by fire squad. The battle lasted 45 minutes. With all of this from 1 to 4 helicopters provided fire support, do not seem very effective. After 45 minutes, the enemy retreated into the city, leaving 17 dead.

French, too, retreated since their trivial out of ammo, and the upcoming assault lost sense since the hostage is released in the process of troop combat — an impossible task. It either will transfer to another location or kill. When withdrawing commandos blew 1st own killed and 1st mate lost. This, of course, a shame. But for the first failure of the operation itself are responsible staff officers who developed a failed plan. Soldiers had to carry it out, and that made to measure the forces.

The next day there were pictures in the web of a dead Frenchman and taken trophies lined propagandists «Al-Shabab.» It has been argued that the commando was captured badly wounded, but soon died. Judging by the pictures, not counting the vest and helmet when he had for himself a submachine gun and a pistol fitted with a silencer devices. Helmet mounted night vision device. Ammunition was six shops and three clips to the gun.

It is understood that the French hoped to seep into the city, quietly remove the protection and evacuation of hostages. It seems they had not occurred, that the enemy may also have devices and night vision sights, radio and coordinating headquarters.

Two successful operations against Somali pirates could lead to the wrong conclusion about the ease of future mission. In April 2008, pirates seized a French cruising yacht Le Ponant. After a number of days the crew were released for ransom. But when bandits planted on the store, they stormed the French Special Forces. Six pirates were killed and six captured, ransom selected. In September of the same year married couple was evacuated from sailors captured sailboat in the mountains. Again commandos rescued citizens, killing 1st pirate and capturing six. But with the release in April 2010, followed by the yacht, its owner died. Ease was misleading.

Currently, Denis Alleksa fate is unknown. Militants say they killed him. But it is possible that in a year suddenly appears a new video with a French scout.
Created by Viktor Myasnikov

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