Nine Signs Hopi

May 8, 2012 7:17

In the summer of 1958, driving through the desert of Arizona (Southwest USA), Pastor David Jung took his car to the aging of the Hopi Indians. On the road, at first silent old man talk. Jung wrote his story, the literary process, and soon among American pastors began to walk on the mimeographed text propagated Indian gloomy prophecies. According to the pastor, the Indian told him about the upcoming trial of our civilization.

I — White Feather, Hopi Indian of a long line of Bear. In my long life I have traveled to this country in search of his brothers and learning from them many tricks. I went to the sacred paths of my people, who inhabit the forests and many lakes in the east, the land of ice and long nights of the north, in the western mountains and streams full of fish jumping, and in places of sacred stone altars erected long fathers my brothers in the south. From all of them I've heard tales of bygone times and prophecies of the future. Now many of the prophecy turned into fairy tales, and few of them left. Past grows longer, and the future is shortened.

And now White Feather is dying. His sons have all moved to his ancestors, and soon he too will be with them. But there was no one to whom to tell and pass the ancient wisdom. My people bored with the old custom. Great ceremonies that tell of our origins, of our fourth outlet in the world, almost abandoned, forgotten. But this was predicted …

My people are waiting for Pak lost White Brother, as it offers all our brothers in the world. He will not like those white — evil and greedy, that we now know. On their coming, we were told a long time ago. But we are all waiting pack. He will bring a lost corner of the table that keep our elders. This fragment proves that he is our True White Brother (history of wandering Hopi displayed on four stone tablets, the second corner broken off, according to tradition, the Hopi gave his ancestor PACA).

Fourth world will soon come to an end, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. Filled with the signs of many years, little is left unfulfilled.

That's the first sign; We are told it was the coming of the white-skinned people like Puck, but not living like him. People who take away land that does not belong to them, the people, affecting their enemies with thunder.

Here is the second sign: our lands will see the coming of the wooden wheels, full voice. In my youth, my father saw with his own eyes the fulfillment of prophecy — the white men, carrying their families in wagons across the steppes.

Here is the third sign: strange animals, like bison, but with large, long horns cover the ground in a myriad of. This White Feather saw with his own eyes — is the white man's cattle.

Here is the fourth sign of the: The earth will be entangled by iron snakes (railways).

— Here is the fifth sign: The earth will be entangled giant cobwebs (electric and telephone lines, the Internet, etc.).

— Here are six sign: Earth will cross over the stone rivers, which produce images in the light of the sun (the motorway, very hot weather, they may mirages).

— Here's The Seventh Sign: You will hear that the sea was black, and many living things dying from it (in the late 1950s, there were no catastrophic oil spills).

 Here is the 8th sign: you will see how many youths who wear long hair, like my people, come and join the tribal nations (Indians) to learn their customs and wisdom (the first hippies came six years later.)

 And the ninth and last signYe shall hear of dwelling in the sky, high above the ground, which will fall to the ground with a terrible crash. Soon after, run out of the rites of my people (maybe make the assumption modern American interpreters, this fall the space station Skylab in 1978.)

This is a sign of the coming great destruction. Earth staggered ("will roll back and forth"). White people are going to fight in other countries — those who found the first light of wisdom (American journalists interpret this as a prediction of the war in the Middle East, which is considered the traditional history as the cradle of ancient knowledge).
There will be many huge pillars of fire and smoke — the kind that white people make in the desert not far from here. White Feather saw them (nuclear testing in Nevada.) But these produce disease and the great death. Then we need to be much to rebuild. Many of my people, knowing the prophecy, will be safe. Will survive, and those who dwelt in the mills of my people. And very soon after these events Puck returns, he will bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World and plant seeds of wisdom in the hearts of people …


U.S. researchers suggest that the elders Hopi indeed kept some ancient stone table. These texts tell of the three ancient civilizations that were killed: one — the fire, the other — from the glaciers, and the third — the flood. We, the fourth civilization depicted quite accurately: people predicted, they will communicate with each other by stretched in the sky and underground filaments (wires) will be thinking machines (computers). Nuclear weapons are described as a device destructional forces that fuel in the form of a mushroom cloud.

Before the operation "Desert Storm" (the first war against Iraq), one of the elders of the Hopi Gashveseoma Martin first showed reporters the ancient texts written by the special runes on the stone tiles. The attack on Iraq he interpreted as the beginning of a new world war. The first phase of the war, he argued, will be local, but after a while it will grow into the next phase — nuclear. "In those days you hear of houses through the roof, which will fall with a big bang," — said the Indian. 10 years later, when destroyed in the terrorist attack of skyscrapers in New York (September 11, 2001), the Hopi believed that their ancestors prophecy coming true.

Hopi believe that a nuclear war would not end humanity. They expect that the end of time "through a large salt water" (ocean) they will come to the continent-demigod poluchelovek — True White Brother, who will protect the righteous from the aggressive, selfish and greedy world.

Gashveseoma leader claimed in an interview with reporters that Providence has chosen Hopi "to be visionaries catastrophes." According to him, the Hopi predicted the First World War. March 27, 1911 their leader Yukiuma warned U.S. President Taft of the impending threat to peace, the transcript was preserved. Hopi also predicted World War II. Now they are waiting for the third.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about the Hopi prophecies. Acquainted with them, we must not forget that this is only a vision, once visited the elders of one of the "backward" by the standards of modern civilization, the Indian tribes.

* World War III, according to Hopi, begins one of the countries that received the first "education". American civilization to die in this war. Saved only by those who live by the precepts of the Hopi. They will not touch any war or the subsequent global cataclysm because they already moved (spirit) in the upcoming Fifth World.
* From the rising of the sun in the land of the Hopi will pack, welcome True White Brother. He would make to the plate kind of fire broken-off corner, which will bring with it, and the only foreigners can read ancient texts.
* True White Brother will be accompanied by two powerful and wise wizard (the Indians are saying about them in the plural, perhaps referring to are not individuals but whole peoples). One will bring an ancient sign of the solar swastika, the second mate — painted red sign Celtic cross.
* White Brother will take power over the Turtle Island (North America Native American name). If he comes from the East, the disaster will be small, but if the west — no mercy will not have to wait for the Americans.
* When the end of the Fourth World will be close, the earth tremble. First a little bit, and then two more times — is strong. That's when White Brother will launch the Fifth world. If a peaceful transition fails, then the time will lawlessness (koyaaniskattsi — "life, lost his balance"), a threat of the monstrous nuclear disaster ("The earth shall fall from heaven, pumpkin, full of ashes, and many die from terrible ulcers, which in this ashes" ).

You can, of course, assume that before talking to reporters leader Gashveseoma stoned weed or some local reporters specifically played to bring in their village greedy for sensations tourists. At the same time, the phenomenon of anticipation still exists in our world. And the ability of some people to look into the future remains inexplicable from the standpoint of academic science.

Of course, from a position of knowledge of early twenty-first century, such prophecy is usually regarded as a manifestation of the ancient superstitions persist "underdeveloped nations." All the more so to spread predictions have long resorted to the powers that control "little people" and manipulation of mass consciousness. These tricks were in use since the days of ancient Egypt.

But today, as a century ago, many believe "clairvoyant" and continue to wait for global cataclysms. Now on hearing the prophecies of the Mayan December 2012 as the start of the era of the Fifth Sun and the arrival of the White Jaguar. Maya, however, did not predict the "end of the world" and are talking about the transition being of humanity to a new qualitative state. And I also have the Hopi prophecy of December 23, 2012. On this day, as they expect, "the great spirit will be again," and part of humanity will enter the "other world." But first, mankind will have to pay a high price for the arrogance and folly, for his inability to live in harmony with nature.

Hopi not limit trouble to mankind the end of 2012. We supposedly waiting until 2035 numerous natural disasters and the "celestial phenomenon" that will clear the planet of "extra" inhabitants. Hopi spirits, according to the elders, had warned them of the increase in solar activity, global climate change, increased air temperature. Change the slope of the earth's axis, there will be ice melting, sea levels will rise, and low-lying areas of land will disappear under water.

Information on the Hopi and Mayan prophecies now spread so much that it is hard to distinguish where the prophecies themselves, and where the interpretation of the journalists. That's what has to relate to the story of "machines from the sky", which will save those who should be the voice of reason and living in harmony with nature, the "homes" on the Moon and Red Earth, a new bright star that will soon appear in the sky.
And another prophecy attributed to the Hopi Indians, "No one will be able to buy or sell, if he will not sign the Bear. When the show this sign comes the third great war. " This prediction, some researchers interpret as a prediction of the appearance of the bar code — the vertical stripes of varying thickness. Even on the newspaper "Red Star" they have to be put on the front page — or refuse to distribute the newspaper. These vertical bands at stimulating the imagination can be interpreted as a "bear claw marks."

PS Now, in Russia in particular prediction of Bulgarian fashion visionary Baba Vanga. Percentage of "guessing" it is really quite high, no matter what the skeptics.
In 1978, Wang make predictions about the upcoming spread around the world of the ancient Indian teaching, which she called "the doctrine of the White Brotherhood." Will be a kind of "Fire Bible" and all the old religions will disappear. The new doctrine "just white shielding the earth, and because of it people will be saved."
Interestingly, the arrival of the new teaching Wang expected from Russia. "She is the first cleared" — said seer. It will happen no earlier than 20 years, when it will be built "the first great harvest." When asked to clarify prophetess time of appearance in Russia of a new doctrine, they received the answer: "Soon there will come the time? No, not soon. Syria still has not fallen! "
Recently … in Syria began externally imposed unrest threatened the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad was, and the threat of the collapse of the Middle Eastern country. Another mystery stories?

Viktor Sidorov.
Collage Ilya Nikolayev.

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