Northern Fleet ships out to sea

Today in combat training ranges of the Northern Fleet (NF) are out heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", the large anti-submarine ships, "Admiral Chabanenko", "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" large landing ships "Alexander Otrakovsky", "Kondopoga" small anti-submarine and small missile ships, minesweepers, nuclear and diesel submarines. The structure of ship groupings of the Northern Fleet consists of more than 20 warships.

Exit surface ships is carried out to check the combat readiness of the Northern Fleet, as part of the inter-service Command Post Exercise (CPX) forces SF, 1st commander of the Air Force (IAF) and the Air Defense (NORAD), a separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District (WEST), under the leadership of Commander WEST Colonel General Arkady Bakhina.

During the CPX practiced joint action by land, sea and air forces forces (troops) to protect the national interests of Russia in the Arctic, including in the areas of the Northern Sea Route.

Surface forces of the Northern Fleet will perform the tasks of defense strategically and economically important sites located in the Arctic region, from offshore destinations. One of the episodes of teaching will also be conducting an amphibious operation.

For the first time in carrying out this kind of combat training focuses on the challenges for the safety of civilian targets — research stations, drilling systems, and energy facilities based in the Arctic region. With this purpose in the subarctic regions of the Northern Sea Route zones within the CPE will operate a large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" and the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser (TARKR) "Peter the Great". At this point in time, the crew of the cruiser "Peter the Great" has already held successful firing anti-aircraft complexes and artillery weapons in the waters of the Laptev Sea.

A total of interspecific command post exercise involved over 7,000 personnel and more than 150 pieces of equipment. Episodes exercises will be practiced in the ranges of combat training in the Barents Sea in the Arctic regions of the Northern Sea Route zone, on the coastal ranges in the Pechenga district of Murmansk Region and Middle Peninsula and Fishermen.

The training will last until September 27, according to the head of Information Providing the press service for the Northern Fleet WEST captain Vadim Serga.

PHOTO press service of the Northern Fleet WEST.

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