Number of members of the CIS tank biathlon increase

Number of members of the CIS tank biathlon increase
As reported ARMS-TASS, the number of participants of a new kind of military sports — biathlon tank — number of CIS countries will increase.
This was now told reporters Secretary of Defense Ministers of the Commonwealth, Lieutenant-General Alexander supplies Sinai.

He recalled that «recently (in August) was a tank biathlon, which took part in the four countries of the CIS.» «He received a very positive response, and defense ministers of other countries (CIS) expressed desire that under certain technical and organizational completions crews from their countries took part in it», — informed the Sinai.

With all of this general noted that «not all there is a satisfactory basis for high-quality training of crews.» «Russia and the Russian Ministry of Defense such assistance will have coming in, and the number of participants tank biathlon will be increased,» — he added.

In addition, the Sinai confirmed that take part in the tank can biathlon and representatives of Western armies. Previously, the role of Biathlon tankers were invited from Germany, Italy, USA, also in Slovenia.

Tank biathlon competitions held by the analogue country ski race in a relay and three divine arrival, with the passage of the route length of 18.3 km each. When the slips at the shooting range is assigned a 500-meter penalty loop. Any of the routes equipped with natural and artificial obstacles, «hill», «wall», «rut Bridge», «scarp», «minefield», also areas of high-speed passing and overtaking of firings and Fri control the judicial commission.

Crews overcome all tests specified by 4 T-72B, are in service of the CSTO. For clarity and to best determine defeats the purpose of the tanks, as well as the target, respectively, painted reddish, green, yellow and blue.

In August, ended the first international step biathlon tank crews with the role of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

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