NYT: In Belarus, there was Semi-raw 'rebellion

"You could call it a riot of raw pasta (mac-and-cheese rebellion)» — says today's edition of The New York Times about the protests Belarusian drivers at the border with Poland after the Belarusian government has imposed restrictions on the export of cheese, butter, pasta and other food products, and to the cold and gasoline.

The publication notes that the protests which have been broken up by the authorities, in line with the last day stay in Belarus, the International Monetary Fund, to which Belarus has applied for a stabilization loan. The newspaper quoted a statement by the mission, Chris Jarvis, who said, that Belarus can get such a loan only after the structural reforms of the economy.

The New York Times also quoted Cliff Kupchan, an analyst Eurasia Group, who believes that such reforms under Alexander Lukashenko is unlikely. "Nothing in his long biography does not indicate its interest in these structural reforms" — said Kupchan.

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