Oasis Of The Seas / Marine oasis watch online

Oasis Of The Seas / Marine oasis watch online
Oasis of the oceans — the hugest in the world cruise ship. Its length — 365 meters. When it first hit the road again, 5000, passengers will be able to enjoy the comfort of a revolutionary.
World's Largest Cruise liner Oasis of the Seas, descended from the stocks in Finland on October 30, ready to cross the Atlantic. He was handed over to the Finnish shipbuilding concern STX October 28 the American company «Royal Caribbean International» in the Finnish port of Turku. Liner left located on the north-west of Helsinki harbor and headed for Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), from December 1 it will make its own first cruise to Labadee in Haiti.
The ship was built by the shipbuilding company «STX Europe» specially commissioned «Royal Caribbean International», construction of the "Oasis of the Seas" at a cost of? 855 million
Ship length — 361 meter, width — 66, and its highest point rises above the surface of the water at 72 meters. Displacement liner — 225 thousand tons. Oasis at least 40% more than any other cruise ship in the world. Ship, 5 times superior to the size of the "Titanic", can accommodate at sixteen decks in 2704 cabins 6360 passengers and 2160 crew. By the way, the new ship in 2 times more than the previous record holder — «Queen Mary II».
Ship equipped with 6 engines manufactured by Wartsila — 3-12-cylinder and 3-cylinder 16. In the totality of its power plants generate 96 MW of power, which allows the vehicle to reach speeds up to 22.6 knots.

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