Olga Bondarenko: I think, allowed to see her husband with a purpose

The KGB held a meeting coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitri Bondarenko and his wife Olga. Khalip was not familiar with Sergei Martseleva, with which it will be judged. Dmitry Dashkevich still kept on Volodarka.

Olga Bondarenko"Rendezvous has been through the glass, and when Dima withdrawn, he held out his hand, but touch each other we were not allowed." According to Olga Bondarenko, her husband looks thinner, but has not lost cheerful mood. Here's what Dmitry Bondarenko is the political situation in the country after nearly four months after the election.

"Dima handed a big thank you to all who struggle shows solidarity to help. Friends and especially cultural figures, musicians, artists, support. And also said that the country appears to be located in such a crisis, both political and economic, that is only one way: that all were released — and sit down at the negotiating table. Of course, I do not particularly believe it, but he says he does not see a second exit. "

How did you manage to get a date, when involved in the case on December 19 this is usually denied? Olga Bondarenko believes that the KGB was given permission to visit that came to media reports that the situation in the KGB detention center, they say, has improved: now let the prisoners lawyers have the necessary medical assistance, correspondence goes without obstacles and so on. "That may be true, but I will note that the same medical care is limited. Thus, drugs Dime pass, but it requires treatment in a hospital, "an American," it is impossible ".

April 14 it was announced that the case of Dmitry Bondarenko handed to the Minsk City Court. It will be considered along with the affairs journalist Irina Khalip, Pavel and Sergei Sevyarinets Martseleva.

Sevyarinets although she knows, and with Martseleva says, generally unknown.

Mother Irina Khalip Lucyna Belzatskaya"Irina matter will be treated with Bondarenko, Seviarynets and Martseleva. Sevyarinets although she knows, and with Martseleva, said at a stranger. "

Sergei Martselev— The head of the electoral headquarters Statkevich. Its like Irina Khalip, Dmitry Bondarenko, Paul Sevyarinets and six people charged with organizing group activities that breach public order, or to participate in them. During that faces up to three years in prison. It is known that Alexander Fyaduta from the headquarters of the former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva pleaded guilty to this charge. The exact position of the other is not known.

Human rights activist Anastasia Marinkina said the leader of "Malady Front" Dmitry Dashkevich, which is almost a month ago was convicted of hooliganism two years imprisonment. In the same case to 4 years in prison was convicted of the Young Eduard Lobau:

"We know that Lobova already sent to the colony, and Dmitri still at Volodarka. He will now be acquainted with the record of the hearing, that is, to continue the procedure of cassation. At the time of their conviction did not come into force. "

Total cases in December 19 already convicted 10 people. Three suffered non-custodial sentence, and 7 people, including two for hooliganism on the eve of the election, were sentenced to imprisonment. 5 of them are already in the colonies: one — in Orsha, in the colony "Vitba-3" of Vitebsk, Mogilev in, and Shklou Ivatsevichy colonies.



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