On objects APEC 2012 people work for a cup of soup

It is known that the "big building" on the island of Russian "famous" all-out delay and non-payment of wages to builders. Here there is a massive deception that regulatory authorities do not notice. Local residents and visitors, klyunuvshie the promised "big money", literally running away from the island, and not having the money earned. Sometimes they live in poverty and can not return home. DV — Russia offers information prepared a group of residents of guerrilla, who was "lucky" to participate in the great building site. Builders GL Tregubov., SA Estomirov., GG Korzhakov appealed to the editors to publish their bitter experience.

When we were preparing for the big trip on the island. Russian (40), it is only the rosy told that there waiting for: more work, more money, a federal program, and is under the control of the government. So do not "throw" the Dodgers were not fool around. And the contractor work seriously — Moscow company SC "monoblock", and therefore the contract is for the face is very serious and we are the best: accommodation in comfortable dormitories, meals, tools and equipment available, will be given clothing. On labor costs once the contract was not, but it was agreed that lower real rates recommended by the government, no payments will be entered into. So that the task of every worker on the "project of the century" — to work. We and our people were willing to work, but that's what came of it.


With the challenges faced on arrival at the place of work. Rather than take our work collective security kept us about 3 hours on the street, then went to 1.5 km in a dorm one, then another. As a result, lived in a "hostel". This building is made of sandwich panels, where in a room on the area of 18 sq m and 10 people live. There is no water, the smell is impossible, all squash, cockroaches, somehow hanging wash and then dirty clothes, but in the corridors of a miracle of technology — cameras. Even those workers who have gone places not so remote, were shocked. According to them, this fence is not even see. Reluctantly teeth together we decided that come here to work, not a resort, home of the family, it is necessary to make money, that's tolerated.


Full commitment to the work required on the first day, and the amount of work given real. Just doing the job? Requests for sign tool without any problems, come to the warehouse, and it is empty. If you were able to pull a no level or screwdriver from fraternal China — it is a great success. True, the use of such a tool is not for long. Workers need to work, but what? Foreman runs and "gnaws" for their ill-fated tool. So much so, that I had to work his instrument! And this is important, the government construction site!

Superintendent to be good: it has a white helmet and the entrance to the dining room for you. Foreman supposed to think, but to think of the Russian island is not necessary, because the objects are not even approved drawings. As a result, the foreman is torn between finding tools, organization and search of the necessary technical documentation for its object. Then you need to calculate the amount of work performed, write acceptance certificate and call the technical supervision, and … they have their own, more detailed technical documentation. Conflict arises.

All our workers are dressed in army camouflage and boots canvas upper weighing about a kilogram each. All shoes size 43, for all. Without lacing them to the blood pound feet. Working half-armed Chinese instrument, and it's very strange, they manage to make the planned volumes of decent quality. The essence of enthusiasm is simple — the goal is to make money. Idly wavering people to see the impossible.
Safety at zero. For example, there are no fences at interfloor stairs. All dark, no light, no tape fencing, warning signs, etc.


Builders of Primorye arrived at o.Russky for one reason: there is at least some work, but at the same Partizanske earn 30 thousand — really have to. Friendly, hard-working, patient, trusting men came to the island with the hope to improve their financial situation of their families. The people working there are mainly from Asia, and from the western areas of the country experts quickly left the construction site, as promised by 60-80 thousand rubles was not, and 30-40 thousand specialist can earn at home. And those who stayed, trying to earn a ticket home (if possible). So we were left — the Far East. Real experts in construction was not enough.

Many Chinese. Hardworking executive, disciplined, but did not understand and can not do on the project. Even the most simple and accessible work manage to redo three times. Perhaps they get it from deep and rural areas of China and pay a dime. Their change in groups of 300-500 people, but wear them a lot better than our compatriots. Can clothes and get paid?

Special discussion on the protection. Declare that in the construction on about. Russian may be the constant violation of human rights. Even on the regime, military facilities to travel throughout much easier. And here you come to the hostel — Present the pass. Came out of the hostel to the store — show a pass. If you go with a bag — inspection. Day to go to the hostel can not — only on special scribble from the authorities. As a result of constantly being under the control, surveillance, video cameras everywhere. It comes even before the guards at night in a room crammed to test for alcohol! If a worker is drunk, then it applies in respect of physical impact. Rudeness of no limit and as a result 20% of all visitors to the island leaves on the second day. Even the police, having great powers, so itself does not.

Drink alcohol on about. Russian impossible. But drink, drink and drink. If desired, it is not a problem, but the majority do not drink, because people come to work. A drunken guide construction able to clean legally and without any boorish guard.

Graph of survival

Mode of the day is this: up at 6 o'clock, but still have to manage to wash because the water a big problem. Go to the toilet all but the waste products are not washed. This gives rise to the terrible stench and nursery hygiene. Breakfast is from 7 to 8 hours, and to the dining room still need to walk about 1 km, as it is located on the site. If there is rain, it has to go in the mud, and if there is heat, in a cloud of dust from passing cars. And by the way of the crowd constantly coughing to vomiting people. Menu to limit monotonous. In disposable dishes pour soup, rice, noodles, often the cheapest soy sausages. Since a large deficit of water, it is often absorbed by the food with dirty hands.

Dining room — this room, where there are tables and benches. This is an ordinary building construction, a temporary fix for the item meal. From the ceiling, constantly dripping condensation. Chefs — Uzbeks, they wear white robes is not allowed, so the work second-hand. Since the kitchen is no water in abundance, and the more flowing, the pots and other utensils are washed in imported water, as in a field kitchen. Hardworking — people are not capricious and not proud, all eat.

Get a lunch or dinner is not easy. At the door stands a guard, the crowd pushing, banging on doors and swearing. One desire — to get inside quickly and easily swallow their rations, and then 20 minutes to relax. We crush the canteen Gorbachev recalled the days when the crowd stood in the store for alcohol. Only then will people behave modestly.
At the construction site has a toilet. It is a container, and below the pit. The container knee mud and feces.
Currently survival began with the onset of cold weather.

Construction on about. Russian — the pride of Russia and the President. In 2012, there will meet the presidents of many countries. Once all of this importance and solemnity not apply to those who are preparing this meeting. They do not care about people, we can assume that for them the people, the compatriots — it's just stuff, faceless crowd. When the ambient temperature is lowered to a point that there was a need for winter clothes, but our constant demands leadership SC "candy bar" is not responding. As a result, ten days after the onset of cold weather, the workers are employed in summer clothing and 90% of them get bronchitis, other colds. Treat people is impossible, since the island has no pharmacy, only a small clinic. As a result, people finally fell ill and began a downtime caused by the contractor.

To ensure that our workers are to receive adequate medical care in the city of Vladivostok, had to go to the leadership of acts of completion, already tested and signed. But then we ran into an unexpected trap. It turns out that prices for types of work performed by us … no! Then near the end of our term watch, but no salary. Builders entered into an unequal battle for every rates, and in the meantime, the UK "candy bar" does not pay the workers, starting conflicts, threats from the ITR, recriminations. As a result of our party decided to stop working with the UK "candy bar" and to demand full compensation.

SC "Monoblock" will power, without any coordination and discussion, presented such fees for the amount of work done that we just dealt a fatal blow. After all deductions for payment, we were invited to get as many as 12 people of 40 thousand rubles — a little more than 3 thousand per person. And it is almost two months of work? And this is after honest work done? Hard living conditions? Of lawlessness?

And what about the prosecution?

On borrowed money, we sent people home, where their wives waiting for their caregivers, where there is no work, where lenders are waiting and grinning wishers. We, the superintendent, not to go home. We are ashamed of deceived people and we 13 November 2010 submitted to the prosecutor the Frunze district of Vladivostok. Now our families in a situation of disintegration, as we defend the rights of our employees, we are responsible for them, just like everyone else to explain it to our wives and children?

Now waiting for our government to help us face prosecution. Make money — this is very important, but for us it is important to both — the belief that the state has a law and justice. We worked from a small company "Agrostroy" that just swallowed a monster Moscow SC "Slider." It turns out that we were working on "the great project of the century" on about. Russian for a cup of soup …

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