On the Moon detected nutty aliens

January 18, 2013 13:21

Shot YouTube

Shot YouTube

Mysterious objects came to film the lunar surface.

Mysterious objects, chaotically rushing from side to side, found on the surface of the moon scenes with Internet users. Some believe that this means the presence of aliens on earth satellite, writes The Daily Mail.
Lunar video posted Thursday on YouTube user danchek2013. On a recording made, obviously, with a telescope, you can see how out of the shaded area of the lunar surface, one after the other two points of light are emitted. Objects that retain the line, similar to the contrails from aircraft engines, getting faster over the crater, several times abruptly change direction and disappear from sight.

YouTube users' opinions regarding what they saw was divided. Part of commentators have suggested that the behavior of objects a sign of extraterrestrial origin. "At first I thought," Yeah, another satellite. " But then there was another one that flew faster, and he abruptly changed the trajectory "- writes King Dennis Jensen.

Other commentators that view is not shared. Some of those who watched the video, have suggested that it could be a common speck, an aircraft or a high flying bird. But others have suggested that it is a primitive assembly.

Recall, this is not the first evidence of the possible presence of aliens on the moon. So, ufologists spotted a UFO on video solar eclipse that took place in May last year. In 2006 he participated in the first expedition to the moon Edwin Aldrin said that during the flight, "Apollo 11" astronauts clearly saw a flying object that accompanied their ship. The crew reported a meeting with UFOs on Earth, but the leadership of NASA allegedly decided not to give this information to light.

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