On the motion of the Golden Path of Spiritual Development in the World Reveal

The world around us is huge and maloizuchen, so there are many points of view on any issue. Everything is relative, for example, what is useful from the point of view of M-Ra-Ha, a position Pekelnyh worlds regarded as harmful.

To avoid empty debates about relativity of all things, immediately identified: in this article we will focus on the Golden Path of Spiritual Development in terms of the Cosmic Laws established by the great Ra-M-X.

Consideration of the laws in force in Pekelnyh worlds, is not the purpose of this work. Another limitation — will consider only that part of the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, which belongs to the world of waking.
There is a perception there are many ways to traffic on the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, depending on the chosen world-view, and that they all lead to God. Try to enlargement, without going into detail, to understand the mechanisms of spiritual development and the place of philosophical systems in the process of development. The problem is complex and so interesting. When solving complex problems as possible errors and minor bugs. Invited to participate in this task is ready to discuss constructive criticism. For simplicity, we divide the Golden Path of Spiritual Development in the World Reveal in three stages: Search, Self Improvement and harmonization of the world.


We start from zero, when the person does not distinguish between good and evil, he does not think that they should be distinguished. He just lives instincts, rather it is run instincts. At this level, it is only active component of its material, and he knows the only material of the world, this man is a resident or a short stay. Who are they, zhiti? In my opinion, the vast majority are zhitey Soul Pekelnyh worlds incarnated in the world Reveal to start climbing the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, and possibly a young soul, even with no experience of incarnation.
Sooner or later there comes a time when a resident is not only interested in living material and he begins to search for answers to the questions: "Who am I?", "Why do I live?", "What is the meaning of life?", "What is good?" " What is evil? "," How to distinguish them? ". This wakes up his soul. He becomes a seeker. The search is performed by distinguishing light and darkness, good and evil, benefit and harm, and so, as the world is known by reason, which is two-dimensional. Do not rush to mind any multipolar complex image can be decomposed into multiple binary components. In order to find answers to the questions in front of a resident familiar with the various philosophical systems, by reading the relevant literature, to communicate with other people, etc. Among those caught him on the way he was looking for an ideological system, harmonious his awakened soul, customized with her in unison. In the absence of a decent way to find a mentor becomes a way of trial and error. Resident, studying various systems, recognizes the existence of special altered state of consciousness, he has a desire to experience them for yourself. Here waiting for him "trap." It may enter into a special state of consciousness unprepared using artificial methods of changing consciousness, such as drugs, including alcohol and nicotine, which can loop it for yourself and not allow to move on in the search for … But resident, avoiding the trap of passing through trial and mistakes, learn to distinguish good and evil, he was Man of the. Thus, the distinction between good and evil awakens from a resident of conscience and turns it into a Man of.
Resident at the search stage can help almost any world-view uchaschaya distinguish good from evil. And for the souls that came out of Pekelnyh worlds, lives are being organized on the fear of a strong, in this system, in addition to paint hellish torments that await supporting evil. Now, remember:
1. In 2012 the next Night of Svarog, which lasts 1620 years, when our Midgard-land was in outer space, which is characterized by low-frequency radiation.
2. To Shower Pekelnyh worlds climbing the Golden Way of Spiritual Development is possible only through the world Reveal, which means including through our Midgard-earth, which is one of the world's land Reveal.
3. Soul Pekelnyh worlds have low frequency spectrum.
It follows: Souls Pekelnyh worlds, embark on a Golden Path of Spiritual Development of the easiest in the Night of Svarog. So, for the last 1620 years on Midgard embodied many souls that have fallen from the worlds Pekelnyh. Perhaps that is why, in our land there at that time of religion, based on the fear of the all-powerful Creator. Perhaps only the fear of punishment can make the soul, coming from Pekelnyh worlds, embark on the path of righteousness, and the only way they can learn to distinguish between good and evil. Here there is an analogy with a capricious child, unwilling to obey the instructions of the parents who have to resort to punishment of his beloved child.


Thus, resident learned to distinguish good and evil, developed his spiritual qualities, became Man of who knows that in addition to the material world, there is an ideal world. What's next? Because Man of the learned to distinguish good and evil, he begins to see the evil within themselves, it encourages him to work on himself, trying to get rid of the disadvantages, while developing his Spirit. And here is the philosophical system based on fear (negative) will not disturb him. The most common ones are Christianity and Islam. These systems help you to move on the path of spiritual development? Perhaps, but only in the first stage — the stage of the search, and only for those who do not know what conscience is, has an opinion, used thoughtlessly submit to force, receives spiritual slavery. But at the same time, these systems are being pushed into a trap cleverly arranged. Human beings will not be able to develop the spirit and get rid of the disadvantages of continuing to be in a state of fear, the fear of it will brake. To cultivate, he should abandon a system based on fear. If human beings can not do this, it will remain at the same level will be to distinguish between good and evil, but not able to fight against evil, even coming from him. This is one of the "trap" systems based on fear. Christianity, in the form in which there now is a dangerous virus, acting in the field of moral humanity, which carries the weight of the distortion of morality, which breeds moral cripples. Suffice it to recall stories from the Old Testament about the wife gives her husband the night with another woman for the mandrake root, the husband gives his wife a sister for temporary use, then, when the deception is revealed, deftly uses it — take a ransom from used their. I will not give here the rest of the abominations of the Old Testament, this much has been written and said, doubt carefully read the Bible for yourself.
At the stage of self-fit system based on introspection, analysis of their feelings, thoughts on meditation, etc. It's Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism and other human beings, from internal Evil develop your spirit, becomes a man. Thus, self-improvement makes Man of the Man who knows about the material worlds, perfect and transcendental (mysticism).
Is it possible to do cultivation, avoiding the search? You can, if you have human beings, to distinguish between good and evil, if you wake up conscience. A resident of a sleeping conscience, incapable to distinguish between good and evil, who has decided to do self-improvement, like the captain of the ship, which was published in a stormy sea and thus not having any idea about the structure of any ship, or of the direction of motion, or the weather conditions. As experience shows, these "masters", published on the path of self-improvement, break their "ship" on the rocks of pride and self-conceit, thrown him stranded greed and envy, go along with his "ship" at the bottom of the uncertainty and fear, are captured to "black pirates." Not to awaken a conscience, but the beginning is like a self builder, began to build a solid building, but did not provide it with a strong base or a student who took up the study of higher mathematics, but has not been studied at the primary level.

Harmonization of the world

In the third stage, a man who built a harmony within yourself, trying to fight the evil outside, carry a harmony in the world around him, moving from contemplation to action in the external world. And systems based on introspection and building harmony within yourself, good to show themselves at the stage of self-improvement, become a brake on further development.
The main argument of "hindering" systems, "Why carry a harmony in the world around you — in fact it is a reflection of your inner world. So if something is wrong in the outside world, to work on the inner world. "Man withdraws into himself and is working again, hard, on his Spirit, it becomes even more spiritual, and the world is still not perfect, and perhaps , was even worse. Those who are trying to change the world only through withdrawal, like the ostrich, which in the case of danger hides its head in the sand. Because the world is not just you and your inner world, and many people like you, each of which has its own private world. Each of the surrounding commits acts in accordance with their level of development, with their ideas of the world, is often different from yours. So, not everything can be changed in the outside world, guiding influence within, much more to this we have to interact with other people. This interaction does not teach the system, based on intuition, they are constantly being told, "Look inside yourself, outside is a reflection of the inner you." But this is a lie and does not give a person to develop. For example, a man is drowning, a system based on self-contemplation, teaches that it is his karma, and therefore it should not be saved. In China it is even enshrined in law.
When thinking along the same lines, a person who has reached perfection, we can only sit comfortably in a chair and quietly observe the life of the theater-like. That's a child, recently learned to walk, stomping their feet to the side of the cliff. And our perfect people comfortably seated in a chair, closed his warm blanket, watching and wondering, "will fall into the abyss of a child or not." And in the event of his fall, justifies what happened karmic cause and effect relationships. That's a whole nation marking the edge of the cliff, and once again our perfect man does not intervene, trying to blame everything on karma. During the last night of Svarog our ancestors many times had the right to defend their families, genera, and people to life. If they restricted their development and maintenance of self-contemplation of karma, we as a people have long since disappeared from the face of the earth. There are many similar examples with thieves, murderers, rapists, perverts, pedophiles … In terms of adherents contemplative philosophical systems preventing murder, theft, etc. should be considered as an act directed against the karmic consequences, and therefore wrong. Themselves are taught to dispose of the rest of the world, call reject deeds, words and thoughts to get rid of karma and break the chain of rebirths. Such systems are inadvertently helping to multiply evil, because evil unpunished multiplied. In other words, these systems to help tackle the evil, playing into the hands of the Evil outside. Evil, knowing that the person is plunged into itself and will not interfere with what is happening in the outside world, calm would deal with each of them individually. However, each time the person left untouched, would assume that their brother got according to his karma. This is the "trap" systems based on self-contemplation, they are limited to the inner world of man, and not allow it to be improved further.
Necessary to discern the inner world from the outside, to understand that the karmic consequences may occur as a result of action or inaction as the world's internally and externally, and to guide their acts to the conscience, the only way to get rid of your karma. So, in the third stage man through thoughts, words and deeds of improving the space around it and become a co-creator of the Gods or the other Ace, God living on earth. He brings together the materialism, idealism and mysticism (transcendence), based on comprehensive world-view — Yudzhizma. Other similar system to date I do not know.
Can I do the harmonization of the world, avoiding the searching and self-improvement? You can, if you have man to distinguish between good and evil, triumph over evil in itself. Otherwise, it can lead to unpredictable consequences. Can clean up around them, the one in which the mess? No, and again no! External evil that resonates with such comrades evil inside, showing him. It is like a foolish child, if some one had called the other, the process of mutual insults can take a long time, until they get tired debaters or stronger not overcome the weak. These people, and even people can temper "breaking anything," playing into the hands of the forces of evil. Thus, the only person who has a harmonious inner world, can carry harmony to the world around.

Final thoughts and conclusions

Recall that the ancients talked about the universe, which the modern "civilized" people do not understand and therefore believe, to say the silly: Flat land (two-dimensional, as our mind is the instrument of knowledge is two-dimensional) is on three elephants (materialism, idealism, mysticism ), standing on a turtle (Yudzhizm), which floats in the everlasting (energy) Ocean.
Slavs in their daily lives guided Yudzhizmom. So they have a child under 12 in his family under the guidance of senior possessed by the sword distinguish between good and evil and become Lyudin in 12 years as a rite of naming the name and then he was responsible for his actions. Next, Under-21 and girls under 16 years receive necessary for independent living skills and knowledge, as well as cultivate, leaving them on your own human life, which further helped the gods bear harmony in the world, and, in fact, become aces.
A modern "smart" uncle and aunt diligently implement juvenile justice, striking out the first stage of spiritual development in which people are transformed into people. Other "smart" head puzzled problem as much as possible early learning child sex life, which also shortens the first stage and prevents spiritual development. As a result, in today's world, permeated tolerant pluralism, most people who have reached puberty and are ready to enter into a separate swimming in the ocean of life, is not able to distinguish between good and evil and make a gray mass of material customers, or residents.
So Yudzhizm, by definition, is applicable at all stages of spiritual development: a resident? human beings? People? Al, and the rest of the system, the same definition, to varying degrees Yudzhizma distorted parts. Human beings, man and As, able to distinguish between good and evil, not to be governed in their spiritual development primitive systems based on fear, and the people, who are easily deceived by reason of his not knowing, can be influenced by one of them, and then the system with traps, the mechanism of which is shown above, may cut its path of spiritual development on the way to the state of human beings. This trap question the benefits of these systems, even for residents. Given this, and the "sacred" texts of the Bible pages which paint a picture of sexual perversion, violence, fraud, theft, pride, and also acts clergy of Christianity, which are also largely differ ostentatious humility, but in fact a blatant immorality, I believe that systems based on fear, created probably by demons or nelyudmi to control people. Therefore, in my opinion, even for them, these systems do more harm than good ephemeral. Contemplative systems can be useful to residents and people, but they are distorted parts Yudzhizma and also arranges to spiritual development trap during transformation Man of the Man.
Well, dear reader, we briefly discussed the role and place of different philosophical systems on the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, and made sure that the whole system Yudzhizm much more efficient than its distorted parts. But everyone makes a decision on their own. Wisely use the most solid ideological system, but a foolish and short-sighted fall in all, arranged in the way trap.


In conclusion I would say that it is now very necessary Asa assistants Gods, only they can change the balance of power in the information war being waged against the Russian people. The main weapon in the information war — a word. Enemy of the weapon focus primarily on people and people without strong moral core, which constitute the majority of society especially among the youth. The main task of the enemy to break the moral core, to instill cult idle, aimlessly pastime, cruelty and violence. The result of this activity can be a degeneration of the people.
Efforts of the enemy leads to the fact that among the residents and the people are more likely to have thought about the active resistance of the revolution. They do not realize that the revolution is repeated evolution (particle PE means repetition). Remember the slogan of the previous revolution of the destruction of the "old world" to the ground and the construction of "a new world." Want to start the evolution from scratch? The forces of evil, which make the inhabitants of Midgard "biblical" scenario, just now really need a revolution, and they will send it to solve their urgent problems: we need people diminished, again, the people themselves active and marked him on the sly can be straightened. A new revolution is a very high chance to develop into an agony of humanity, so-called "end of the world" or the apocalypse. After the end of such a revolution living will envy the dead. Do many happiness and joy brought previous revolution? It is unlikely that the new one is good for us ordinary people. Look around you. Both in terms of the revolution to behave around you, prop your mind, prosecutors and prokolovshie their will, people? Is not it better to do the evolution of ourselves and our families? Drop the drinking, smoking, using drugs, begin to live according to conscience and in harmony with nature. Do it yourself and help others. The gradual improvement is more effective than improving the jerks (one step forward two steps back.) Easy does it — the race. Now is the time to wake up people, you just have to find the right words to bring the information. Realize this and forces of evil, so they cunningly throw up the idea of revolution. Only lazy people spiritually willing to receive all that, with nothing to make.
In my view, to prevent the degeneration of the Russian people, the main effort should be directed at the revival of his morals, which made people invincible. How is this achieved? Now the Internet, and not only got a lot of information: articles, videos, and audio clips at the restoration of morality, they should go on and get acquainted with them their loved ones are ready to accept this information, which will help people to become human, people have a desire to awaken engage in self-improvement, and the person would motivate the improvement of the world. Very important and necessary to spread this information to the minds and hearts of the masses. Who sows it, if not you? Do not put off until tomorrow seeding, start it today, right now! From this seed crop depends — our future!
Finally, it is difficult to live in a time of change, but that's your soul to the incarnation of the world Reveal chose this time, so she needed the experience. Also, before the embodied soul was assigned, and includes a way to further their development and perhaps some sort of "social work", but after the birth of access to this information is blocked, because no interest to solve the problem, knowing the answer, and the benefits of such "solution" is missing. Certainly, in an era of change, for the fracture requires parachuted into the world Reveal, specifically for this purpose, a group of Souls. Maybe you're in that group. Do not miss your chance to get the necessary experience to you, for the next similar situation on Midgard-earth arises only after 6480 years (1620 * 4).

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