Open letter to the Slavic doctors in Libya


Victims of aggression of the West in Libya!

Victims of aggression of the West in Libya!

Russian President Medvedev DA,

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

from the citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

working and living in Libya

March 24, 2011, Tripoli, Libya

Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich,

appeal to you citizens of the former Soviet Union was destined become today citizens of different Slavic CIS countries — Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Despite this, we believe it is Russia as successor to the USSR, the only guarantor of the interests of our countries and the security of our citizens. Therefore, we appeal to you for help and justice.

Today, there is blatant external aggression the U.S. and NATO against a sovereign country — Libya. And if anyone can doubt this, we this obvious fact is well known, because all this is happening before our eyes, and the actions of U.S. and NATO threaten the lives of not only the citizens of Libya, but to us who are on its territory. We are outraged by the barbaric bombing of Libya, which is currently conducting a coalition of U.S. and NATO.

The bombing of Tripoli and other cities in Libya are aimed not only and not so much the objects of air defense and air Libya and not only the Libyan army, but also the objects of military and civilian infrastructure. Today, March 24, 2011, NATO aircraft and the U.S. all night and all morning bombed a suburb of Tripoli — Tajura (where, in particular, is Libya's Nuclear Research Center). Objects of air defense and air at Tajura were destroyed in the first 2 days of strikes and more active military facilities in the city remained, but today the object of bombing are barracks of the Libyan army, around which are densely populated residential areas, and next — the largest in Libya's Heart Center. Civilians and the doctors could not assume that common residential quarters will be subject to destruction, so none of the residents or hospital patients was evacuated.

The body of one of the 18 men killed by Western aggressors in the morgue of Tripoli.

The body of one of the 18 men killed by Western aggressors in the morgue of Tripoli.

Bombs and rockets struck residential houses and fell near the hospital. The building cardiology center were broken glass, and in the building of the maternity ward for pregnant women with heart disease a wall collapsed and part of the roof. This has resulted in ten miscarriages, some newborn babies died, the women are in intensive care, doctors are fighting for their lives. We and our colleagues are working seven days a week, to save people. Consequence of falling bombs and missiles in residential buildings in dozens of deaths and injuries, which operate and revived now our doctors. Such a number of dead and wounded, as per today, was not for all the unrest in Libya. And this is called "protection of civilians"?

With full responsibility as witnesses and participants of what is happening, we have determined that it is a genocide carried out by the U.S. and its allies against the Libyan people — as was the case in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Crimes against humanity carried out coalition forces akin to those crimes committed fathers and grandfathers of today's Western leaders and their henchmen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and in Dresden in Germany, where the civilian population is also destroyed in order to frighten, to break the will of the people to resist ( Germany remembers it, and therefore refused to take part in the new slaughterhouse). Now they want to make such methods Libyan people surrender their leader and the legitimate government and meekly lay down their national oil wealth of the country of the coalition.

Mortuary officer Abdel Salaam, said that all the dead - civilians who were not guilty of anythingWe understand that refer to the "international community" to save the people of Libya and we were living in Libya, is useless. Our only hope — is Russia, which has the right to "veto" in the UN, and specifically its leaders — the President and the Prime Minister.

We still hope for you, as hoped for in the past, when they made the decision to stay in Libya and help its people, playing in the first place, your medical debt. We have seen that after a failed coup attempt in late February, the situation calmed down in Libya and the government successfully restores order. Everyone in Libya, it was clear that without American intervention the country will soon return to normal. Convinced that Russia, which has the right to "veto" will not allow the military aggression by the U.S. and its allies, we decided to stay in Libya, but were mistaken: Russia, unfortunately, believed the false assurances of Americans and did not come out against the criminal decision of France and the U.S. .

We, Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians, people of various professions (mainly doctors), working in Libya for several years (2 to 20 years). During this time, we are well acquainted with the life of the Libyan people and state that few citizens of other nations living in this social comfort, as Libyans. They enjoy free treatment, and their hospitals provide the best in the world of medical equipment. Education in Libya is free, capable young people have the opportunity to study abroad at government expense. When marrying young couples receive 60,000 Libyan dinars (about 50,000 U.S. dollars) of financial assistance. Interest-free state loans, and as practice shows, undated. Due to government subsidies the price of cars is much lower than in Europe, and they are affordable for every family. Gasoline and bread cost a penny, no taxes for those who are engaged in agriculture. The Libyan people are quiet and peaceful, are not inclined to drink, very religious.

Today, the people are suffering. In February, the peaceful life of the people violated the gang of criminals and switched-on young people — whom the Western media for some reason called "peaceful protesters." These weapons attacked police stations, government agencies, military units — bloodshed. Those who guide them, pursue clear goal — to establish control over Libyan oil, they misinformed the international community, which, they say, the Libyans are fighting against the regime. Tell me who this regime may not like? If such a regime were in Ukraine or Russia, we would not be here, and worked and enjoyed the social comfort at home and in every way such a regime would be maintained.

If the U.S. and the EU today have nothing to do, let them turn their attention to the plight of Japan, the Israeli bombing of Palestine, the audacity and impunity of Somali pirates, the plight of Arab immigrants in France, and the Libyans themselves will understand their own internal problems.

We see that today in Libya they want to make another Iraq. The genocide of an entire people and those who are found with him. We perform MEDICAL DEBT and can not leave Libyans in need, leaving them to destroy the forces of the coalition antiliviyskoy, in addition, we understand that when all the foreigners leave and no one will tell the truth (small staff of diplomatic missions have long been silenced), the Americans will arrange here bloodbath. So our only chance of survival — is a solid civil position of Russia in the UN Security Council.

We hope that you, Mr. President, and you, Mr. Prime Minister, as citizens of Russia and as decent people will not allow American and European fascists of the XXI century to destroy the freedom-loving people of Libya and those who are found with him .

Therefore, we urge Russia to use its right of "veto" right to make a million Soviet lives during World War II to stop the aggression against a sovereign state, seek immediate cessation of U.S. and NATO bombing and require the introduction of UN troops in the conflict zone Libya.


With respect and hope
on your wisdom and honesty,
citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus
located in Libya:

Bordovsky S. Vasilenko, S., A. Vegerkina, Henry IV, Henry N., L. Grigorenko, Dragovsky A., B. Drobot, Drobot N. Yemets E., Kolesnikova TV, Kuzin, I., Kuzmenko In ., Kulebyakin V. Kulmenko T., G. Nikolaev, Papelyuk V. Selizar V. Selizar O., Smirnov O. Smirnova, R., Soloviev DA, Stadnik V. Stolpakova T. Streschalin G. Stahovich Yu, L. Sukachev, Sukachev V. Tarakanov T., Tikhon N., Tikhon, I., V. Tkachev, Hadareva E., Tchaikovsky, O., Chukhno D. Chukhno O. Yakovenko D. et al

Collecting signatures on a petition Russian leaders

and the statement to the International Tribunal in The Hague about the crimes of U.S. and NATO in Libya

As applications are making a poem written by a mother of one of our colleagues, to which we fully subscribe:


How to reveal their lies? Impossible.
If false the high and unnecessary.
And my heart beating anxiously:
In defamation dies country.

Journalists are lying frantically,
And for the truth — a blank wall.
Represent us black white,
Just what is the Libyans wine?

Surprise them endlessly.
World of Good, hear the cry!
Turned prim London
And sleep haughty Paris.

Sorry, that is afraid to tell the truth
Even the righteous wise Rome.
Sodom is happening on the planet:
Why are we all silent?

The U.S. has always cunning right:
Keenly listening the sound of coins,
Peace and happiness to people's power,
Do not hesitate to kill for oil.

Where is the one with the dove olive branch?
And he became neposilen cargo.
What you stand to the side, just,
The former Soviet Union was an honest?

Gaddafi you amicably shook hands,
Dissimilarity subdued,
Now, if black Crook *
Wait for a new war?

(* Crook — it crows. V.Dal Dictionary).


We appeal to all people of good will to support our appeal to the leaders of RUSSIA and add to it their signature.
TODAY destroy Libya and capture of Libyan oil, and tomorrow the target of aggression can become any other State.

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