Operation "Hiding" or Mystery UFO in the British

Mania classify anything and everything relating to UFO has become a international disease. In the same issue of the journal "International UFO Reporter" (Vol. 23, N 3, 1998) published an article courageous women ufologist Jenny Randles. She tried for years to find out what lies behind the facade of cold UK Ministry of Defence, and finally managed to lift the edge of the mystery …

Americans in this respect easier: in the U.S. there is a Freedom of Information Act, which states that the public has a right of access to any government documents, except in cases where their publicity can harm national security. (By the way, under the pretext of national security ufologists and not admitted to many documents relating to UFO!).

The UK operates a different law — the Official Secrets Act, which prescribes automatically classify all government documents for a period of not less than 30 years to reduce this period in each case requires a special permit.

In the mid 60s the public learned of the existence of a special "UFO" unit within the Ministry of Defence. It is many times changed its' name. " Now the unit is known as the "Air Staff 2 (a)".

Faced with the "war ufologists," Jenny Randles was just shocked. It turned out that this small group piled on so much work that the UFO problem was in their penultimate place. They were engaged in "plates" at best a couple of hours a week, hemming received reports of a thick folder … to immediately forget about them.

And what were these reports! One of the officers at the meeting with the Randles long wondered where civilian ufologists take interesting cases with plantings, humanoids, and material traces: im nothing like this has been reported. This could only mean one thing: "Air Staff 2 (a)" was just a cover, and all the reports, worthy detailed investigation, fell somewhere else.

Most of the officers "Air Staff 2 (a)" happily throwing his boring, routine work in two to three years, never to remember her. Not so did Hik Pope, who worked in this office from 1991 to 1994. Prior to his retirement, he began appearing in public, talking about how they investigate UFO, and even wrote a book about it, "Open skies, closed minds," which became a best seller.

Everybody was wondering why the Ministry of Defence is not too chatty odernet military. And the answer was simple: neither the Pope nor his unit were excluded from important "cymbal" secrets. His chatter was even on hand to secret services, diverting attention from other "UFO" units.

Upon expiration of the declassification of government documents that are stored in a special archive, transferred to open access. Imagine the disappointment Jenny Randles, when she discovered there is hardly a single piece of paper on the most sensational UFO sightings in the past. A famous case in August 1956, when the "plate" was a notch above the air bases Lakenheath and Bentwaters at least three radars and even chased fighter "Venom" by going to his tail all the rules of air combat, hit the entire country.

Former employees of the Ministry of Defense and Whitehall argue that this event shook their establishment and could not give rise to a flurry of paperwork in government circles. However, in the archival record was found of one (1) A document containing this bill just a few lines. The conclusion is that someone has a special "Cymbal" archive, which receives all sensitive documents.

There was another circumstance that displays Jenny on the right path. Many witnesses UFO in the UK claimed that they were visited by the famous "Men in Black", which are almost always presented intelligence agents of the Ministry of Defence. It could not be representatives of the "Air Staff 2 (a)", because those simply do not have the time or resources to field studies.

Jenny Randles over the years made sure that the witnesses, telling about the visits of "men in black" are telling the truth. She came to the conclusion that in most cases it was not the "bad guys with a UFO," but real agents of some secret government department. They deliberately disguised themselves as "real" men in black "(if they exist at all), and behaved so that if the witness did let slip his story was not accepted seriously.

In America, it was the same. Local ufologists even managed to find out that the agents, posing as "men in black" actually work at the Center for Special Operations Air Force at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. And where are hiding their British "colleagues"? In the late 1980s, the military made a fatal mistake.

Division "Air Staff 2 (a)" succumbed "winds of glasnost 'and declassified several received from the Ministry of Defence documents, without waiting for the 30-year period. In the papers themselves did not have anything interesting — well, some lights in the sky. But they were written a while ago, and, most importantly, to the documents annexed "the list of recipients." It turned out that the "cymbal" reports and other papers relating to the UFO, not only gets "Air Staff 2 (a)", but also some other three units that hide behind code names!

Hevziraya to threats, small podlyanki and open opposition, Jenny continued to dig further. And that's what transpired. For the first code name was hidden unit working with radars of early detection. Hichego surprise it was not. The second division was Office of Scientific and Technical Intelligence. These guys are responsible for collecting information on foreign aircraft, rocket and space technology. If, say, our "MiG" break in the UK, the debris will fall exactly into the hands of the Office.

It seems that the UFO for them, too, is a "foreign technology." The third division many times changed its name, but always it included the letters "DI" ("Defense Intelligence", which means "military intelligence"). Now it is known under the code DI55. Unit engaged in intelligence gathering on the ground — both through official channels, and under the legal cover in other countries. If the days of the Cold War, a Briton visited the Soviet Union, for example, near raketostroitelnogo factory DI55 members could go and see him, shake out all that he had seen there, and threaten the Official Secrets Act to keep quiet. They were allowed to impersonate other people and do not stand on ceremony when it is necessary in the public interest. "I'm sure it is from there is where our" men in black "- said Jenny.

After the revelations of Jenny Randles UK Ministry of Defence announced that they have nothing to hide de and that they would "make a list of recipients" to all the declassified documents on UFO passed to the archive. In 1997, declassified documents of the next portion of the 30-year-old. Among them was a description of the case, which occurred in January 1966. A police officer Colin Perks of Wilmslow (Cheshire) seen during a patrol in the green "plate", and the next day, where it crashed, found a strange stone melted.

One of the documents mentioned that the Ministry of Defence is connected to this case management and agents of DI55, who visited Perks. What they were doing is unknown: DI55 documents and the Office simply does not fall into the archive. Even if agents have tried to silence DI55 Perks, it is not really possible. Two months after the incident, after learning that the UFO seen not only he, Colin spoke. Jenny found in the archives BUFORA (British UFO Association) record his story. However, for some reason Perks said nothing about the physical traces left by UFO, and that its military intelligence agents visited.

Maybe he was told to keep quiet about it, and maybe he thought that he did not believe it. Now do not know … One thing is clear: the UK Ministry of Defence for many years has lied regarding UFO, using as a cover unit "Air Staff 2 (a)". No is no doubt that in Britain there is a whole hierarchy of secret intelligence units, exploring the "plates". All this is much more serious than generally thought …

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