Original Slavic Womans Day

Let's celebrate the "Day" of our beautiful women, not when it established a "fervent revolutionaries," but when it celebrated the thousands of centuries, our ancestors — the vernal equinox! That would be perfect.

Spring is coming … In place of the winter slumber and night comes fresh spring morning. The sun, as if waking up from hibernation, shines brighter and kinder. Spring. With her in our lives come new events, impressions and emotions. Life will once again emerge, with each new animated grass, with each petal scented flower, with a radiant riot of greenery around wakes and gentle, mysterious, alluring woman's soul, as the symbol and embodiment of the continuation of life, Maternity, caring, warmth and affection …

So, like a woman beautiful and prosaic, seems spring for every true Russian (from the word Rus, which represents all the Slavic-Aryan people), girls, girls, women … And so it was in fact, many thousands of years in the glorious past of our great Slavic -Aryan civilization, when the Spring Festival — Women's Day — is celebrated during the awakening of nature, which gave new life to everything around, including us humans.

Same calendar, the Spring Festival was dedicated to the vernal equinox. This day is a turning point — the night becomes shorter and shorter, and the day — longer and longer. Spring, personified the revival and rebirth of nature, replaces the winter. From the beginning of time the spring equinox associated with a full recovery and return its natural vitality.

This is now the people who stop to understand the nature and its laws themselves were to appoint a time of the year, according to the calendar grid, but to subjugate nature in this way is impossible in principle. We should not be their lack of understanding of the true laws of this natural cycle to try to create their days early spring, the onset of summer, the arrival of autumn and winter. This is absurd! And as proof of this, to play in the snow early spring calendar. It turns out that on the calendar like a spring, and look out of the window and see a real winter! And none of the decrees and laws are no governments of the world can in no way interfere with weather events do what they are supposed to do in nature.

Even more stupid and grotesque female holiday calendar, which we all know as March 8. It is very difficult to understand who and what prompted assign Women's Day at the end of winter, and even when snow and complete, and there are severe frosts, and spring does not even smell. At first glance, there is no logic and can not be, but it seems so to those who do not know the root causes of a March 8. Completely and in detail the reasons for the emergence of "Women's Day" on March 8, I described in the article "What do we celebrate on February 23 and March 8." Here we only briefly recall the origins of this seemingly incomprehensible "spring" Women's Day, which, moreover, is not, and international. It is he just called "International Women's Day", as U.S. "Federal Reserve Bank" or the Company "Federal Express" (postal services) are in their titles the word federal, that in no way means that these organizations have a relationship to the state. In this case — are commercial organizations that have a very specific private owners — not the state.

So what is the secret of Women's Day March 8?

It all started back in the Biblical Old Testament times, when the whim of the royal concubines Jewess Esther, who cleverly tricked the Persian king of Haman in Persia two days Jews were brutally killed 75,800 innocent Persians. And in honor of the bloody massacre Jews was established festival, which they considered the most important of all Jewish holidays! This holiday is called Purim is celebrated according to the floating schedule tied to the lunar calendar. Let me remind you that the moon cult — a cult of death!

So, on the day of Purim, Jews first attempted coup in Tsarist Russia, and it was February 23, 1917! That's really derives from the date of the "male holiday", which we celebrate today, as the "Day of the Defender of the Fatherland." The same day, February 23, 1917, the day the bloody massacre of the Jewish Purim and worship sadistic Esther, were confined beZporyadki allegedly starved residents of Petrograd. From that begins the story incomprehensible Women's Day on March 8.

But what's on February 23, you say?

It's simple! February 23 — this is the old style. But as soon as Russia has moved to a new calendar — February 23, was on March 8! Jews and there has not done wrong.

Now we have only to remember that the coming of the Jewish International to power in Russia was associated with a change of the calendar, and ask: When will celebrate the day, now known as March 8, in revolutionary circles of pre-revolutionary Russia?

It turns out that on March 8, new style — it's February 23 as before. That's why otgadka "male" day and "female" so close to each other, and why the difference between the two holidays is exactly 14 days. It is a 14-day different date calendars in the old style, which was in vogue in Tsarist Russia, and the new style, which was used by Europe. By the way, Christmas, we still celebrate the old style with a difference on Christmas in 14 days.

It turns out that, when the European brothers on International is celebrated on March 8, in Russia this day was called on 23 February. Therefore, in the years before the Revolution Party members and sympathizers used to take a holiday on February 23. Then changed the calendar, but there was something revolutionary tradition to celebrate February 23. The date was. In general, given the nature of the floating of Purim, that date is no worse and no better than March 8. But I had to find a cover for it. And after a few years of relevant myth was created, "Red Army Day", as the memory of the first battle, and the first victory.

So the tradition of Purim has led to the establishment of the Women's Day on March 8. And on a certain initiative Jewess Clara Zetkin (real Jewish name Eisner), March 8, quickly announced, neither more nor less, as much as the International Women's Day. Because we all know that on March 8 — International Women's Day. Also, we all know that women live in all countries. In addition, almost all of the last few years, it became known that on March 8 was celebrated only in the Soviet Union.

Why do women of other countries did not report it?

So it was not a day of women as women. On this day ought to glorify women with certain qualities. And these qualities are somehow not very appreciated in other countries. The reason for this peculiarity is obvious: March 8 — Women is not a day, and day of women revolutionaries. And so in those countries where the revolutionary wave of the early twentieth century, choked, celebrating women revolutionaries did not stick.

But still, to be precise, it is — the International Day of Esther, the Jewish criminals, female assassin. That is, in Russia and other countries, unsuspecting people Purim is celebrated twice! For two days straight, to a "service animal" noted for nosed "masters of the earth" in all their holiday calendars.

Change each time the date of the holiday (on the Jewish calendar day of Purim — floating, each year falls on different days of our calendar) was uncomfortable and too frankly too would show that only celebrated, but Purim. Because every year on March 8, regardless of the lunar cycle, all the nations of the earth shall praise the woman sadistic, evil Jewess — Esther. And, in fact, to celebrate the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent people, that is, to congratulate each other with Purim (despite the fact that they do not know the truth).

The fall of the Russian Empire coincided with the defeat of the Persian Empire. On Purim 1917 in Russia smell pogrom — the pogrom of Russian culture … and culture was, after all … Its, Russian, native traditions … and left her in the very early days, when all the Slavic-Aryan peoples to live in peace and unity, honor and celebrate the glorious holidays in the glory of their ancestors and gods, and have kept these traditions through the millennium!

Do we allow some chuzhym people (in this case — Jewish) to tell us how and when to celebrate their, Rusko holidays? I hope that every sensible man and a true patriot of the land, their country, regardless of their country of current residence (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Sweden, in short, almost all European state in the past have some common — Rusko roots) wants to celebrate their ancient Rusko holidays. And especially when he finds out the true meaning of these holidays FALSE, and discover a lost past the ancient traditions of their glorious ancestors.

So, from the ancient books that were not destroyed enemies and well preserved to this day, we know that from the beginning of time the vernal equinox, our ancestors, the Slavic-Aryans, associated with a full recovery and return its natural vitality. That looks absolutely logical and convincing, according to the laws of nature itself, which now coveted man allegedly reasonable.

The vernal equinox occurs on 20 or 21 March, when the Sun moves from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere. As you know, in the spring of the day is increasing, and the night is shortened. And March 20-21, there comes a time when the duration of the day and night are equal. This day is called the vernal equinox.

The coming of spring, our ancestors believed holiday eagerly awaiting his arrival (as we now expect the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature, but just lost all understanding of why we are happily on the soul) and his equally magnificently celebrated in different parts of ours is truly a great Rusko Empire.

Vedic celebrating the arrival of spring were full of important sacred meaning of the victory of light over darkness, as the forces of light over the forces of darkness, the awakening of all life and a new beginning. The ancient spring festivals were held with fun and rituals, calling the land and the well-being of all the peoples of the Slavic-Aryan — Glorious our ancestors.

It turns out that the vernal equinox — not the exact date and the date falls in the range from 20 to 21 March at various times of the day or night, according to the solar cycle. At present, 2012 Spring Equinox falls on March 20.

Therefore, the spring offensive, when it saw a turning point in the solar cycle and the days are getting longer and the nights — shorter, crouches already on March 22! It was March 22 and can be considered the day of spring and awakening of life, as the day women. The date beautiful — March 22, and 100% logical all the laws of nature that we humans can only take after the fact, and this is truly a beautiful first day of spring to establish, but rather a celebration of our revived — originally Rusko holiday — Women's days.

Why revive?

Yes, because that day I made up, it has been around for thousands of years, and March 22, our ancestors was the day of the goddess Vesta (from the word news) — the goddess of Spring. This day celebrates the arrival of spring to the ground, arriving birds. Goddess Vesta is also called the patroness of renewing the world, good Goddess of Spring, which manages the arrival on Earth of spring and awakening of nature of our Earth.

Women, like nature, wake up to its full strength with the beginning of spring, and it is very well known to every normal man, who with no less desire to wait for spring to come. Why the streets of our cities are transformed not only the spring greens, but also beautiful, joyful, painful skinuvshimi winter clothing, as well as snow cover, nature, women!

I appeal to all sensible people, the descendants of their glorious ancestors Slavic-Aryan with a call to establish and mark on all lands (in all countries), home to the Slavs — Russ, this is truly Women's Day — March 22, when truly awakened nature, all updated life around and come true and long-awaited spring!

Let us all rejoice the coming of spring, smile, sunshine, congratulate our fine (derived from the word in its glory), like Spring awakening in her feminine beauty of girls and women …


Birch again dissolve their branches,
And again rusam tell about
As since the ancient time, our ancestors
Spring, that light is in every house.

How awakened nature,
As clearly murmuring brooks …
How is it taken away from the people,
On the day of someone else's holiday we say.

But Spring comes to us in the spring,
But not in the winter, it is said to be her!
Comes to us with all its glory!
Comes so that we want to live!

What I want to do, to love and trust!
And feel the heavenly aroma!
Open to meet her, all the doors wide open,
And listen to happiness … To listen and listen …

A gentle morning to look in the window,
And wake up just because
What cheek, jokingly flashed sun
And stroked his palm beam.

Watch as the flowers bloom,
And the first sprouts grass
As the days are getting longer already than at night,
And how beautiful blue sky! ..

That cost us? We remember? Forgotten …
Well, let's get together to remember,
How did all the ancient times we lived,
And this life to try to revive!

Xenia Misharina 05/03/2012

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