Ostrovetskaya nuclear power — in the shadow of Chernobyl

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine Embassy in Minsk Conference "Lessons and relevance" with the participation of Belarusian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian scientists, government officials and the public. The most heated debate has caused the construction of nuclear power plants in Astravets — as far as feasible, to build morale at the station in the country most affected by the Chernobyl disaster, and how well the selected area.

The celebration began with a Skype conference with the participation of Professor Bandazhevsky, who now works in Kiev. He spoke about the latest results of their research, a significant deterioration in the health of Belarusians and disturbing trend. Further discussion revolved around Astravets. Viliyus Samuylov, Policy Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania's energy security, expressed the opinion:

"No one has to convince that build nuclear power plant 50 kilometers away from the densely populated settlements, Vilnius — that's good. The biggest problem for us — it's favorite place. Ostrovetskiy option we unusable. There is such a thing even as the nuclear culture. If the Japanese were not able to control its nuclear facilities, what can be said about the Belarusians, in which there is no such practice in the field of nuclear energy? In addition, the reactor itself, which gives you a Russian — he pilot. Even the spirit of good neighborliness is not here, not to mention this neighborhood. "

Igor Popov

Igor Popov, Ph.D. from the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research "Pine", did not expect such a discussion will be politicized. According to him, the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus should be addressed from the standpoint of the benefits that it will bring the people of Belarus. From his point of view, is replete with:

"If the two units will be built, about 50% of electricity will be generated by the plant. And, as I understand Lithuanian counterparts, they are not against our nuclear ambitions, as they call it. The objection is one thing — the location of the plant. I do not think it's such a complex issue, we will be able to you to decide. "

Officials, scientists convinced of the economic feasibility of building nuclear power plants, said a decline in electricity prices, a return on investment. Journalists protested:

"According to justify the investment of the plant, akupnastsi period — from 15 to 20 years."

"The loan we will pay 20 years? Or will raise rates? "

"Tariffs for and installed in order to pay all our debts, obligations not only nuclear power plants."

Belarusian scientists said that in the initial stage was seen a few sites, and accounted for more than 70 parameters:

"Each site has its pluses and minuses. What about Ostrovetskaya site? There's soils are more suitable for the construction of nuclear power plants, which, as you know, we need a strong foundation. "

But scientists have not taken a final decision, they merely stated their positions, the results of research. Journalists immediately remembered that near Astravets in Gudogay, in 1908 there was a very strong earthquake in Belarus — the capacity of 7 points.

Andrew Timoshchenko

Journalists interested in the question of where Belarus will receive a highly qualified workforce. Associate Professor of Public International Sakharov Environmental University Andrew Timoshchenko says:

"By 2016, the necessary structure of the Belarusian personnel, well, except for 100 people of the personnel manual will be prepared. 5-7 years these people will be the leaders of this station. "

"But where will the top management? From Russia? "

"Top management should have experience of at least 10-15 years. Not necessarily out of Russia. Ukraine is also a lot of wonders. "

Professor George Lepine do not share this optimism:

George Lepine

"It's about the fact that the station will serve our people — sorry, but this is ridiculous! We do not have a single specialist service of the reactor. "

"I said about the ownership of the station"

"As to ownership — even more so. He who pays the piper calls the tune. They will build — they are maintained, it is obvious. Russia does not let go of their hands. And his staff, and we do not have 20 more years will not. "

And, of course, journalists are concerned that the reactor, which the Russians propose to build, experimental and not used anywhere else.

"This is not an experimental reactor. It is an innovative project. This is a very big difference. Innovation him that power forced a 1000 megavatnaga WWR, which now operates in Russia, China, 1200 megavat. Such a device is not built anywhere, but it is being built for the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant, Leningrad NPP and Novavaroneskay station. "

Thus, the parties listened to each other and all were in their opinions. Proponents of nuclear power plants have not persuaded opponents and dispelled their doubts.



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