Our fate is in the hands of the underworld strategists

February 28, 2013 0:56

At Cheyenne Mountain (Colorado) is one of the most carefully guarded and inaccessible facilities in the U.S.. Files on computers in the bunkers Cheyenne, take into account such peaks as Inyangani in Zimbabwe Tsayel in Australia, Hayes Alaska Perrido in the Spanish Pyrenees.

In the early 70's in the U.S. has become widely known for his psychic cop Pat Price. Among its sensational reports were identified and these mountains, as operating base UFO. And even with their specialization: African — for repair and maintenance of flying saucers, the Australian — for underground shelters arriving objects Alaska — to study the weather and geology of the Earth by aliens, and the Spanish — team base UFO.

By the time the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency in the United States gained its staff in Fort Meade, a large group of psychics for psychic research. The task was to clairvoyants and identifying information about the reach of ordinary intelligence. On account of these military psychics seem to be a lot of merit. They found the location of secret training camps, the Palestine Liberation Organization, revealed major Soviet underwater object mapped radars, locate kidnapped by terrorists in Italy, the U.S. general revealed point fall in Africa newest bomber, etc.

And gave them the task to verify the alleged alien bases in these mountains. And they not only confirmed the information, but said many more details about the device underground shelters and the work taking place there.
All this was told at the 7th International UFO Congress, a former officer of a top-secret U.S. military intelligence unit Frederick Atwater. Performance caused a sensation, but heard voices and skeptics. Like, this is disinformation, cleverly planted to distract researchers from the U.S. bases UFO. Among ufologists confirmed opinion: underground alien base in a lot of focus on the United States.

And in support of the application cited anonymous and signed "Commander X»: «Alien bases are located mainly in the zone delineated borders of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, but I definitely know about more bases in North America and other parts of the world. Base near Dulce in New Mexico and near Groom Lake in Nevada best known, they are often told. Huge underground facilities stretch for miles and are connected by underground tunnels, driving on high-speed cars, shuttles. A few years ago an attempt was made to capture the bases, but the raid was unsuccessful: 66 blue berets were killed by aliens. At the base near Dulce has at least 7 different levels, including the sixth, known as the Hall of nightmares. This layer is used by aliens for their experiments on human beings. Lower tier, row by row, lay people, stolen from the ground. They are kept in a state of suspended animation in cold warehouses. "

According to other sources, the aliens supposedly behave humanely, stating that they are not harmful to humans and wants to establish partnerships with them would be beneficial for both sides.

The flow of information about unidentified flying objects in 1947, when their appearance was first reported over the Cascade Mountains in the United States grew and grew. Now gathered whole libraries of books on the subject. To foreign reports began to join become immune to censorship similar information from the former Soviet Union.
In Moscow in 1988, he published "Encyclopedia of the unknown," in which a physicist V. Chernobrov and his colleagues collected data, disturbing the minds of the inexplicable, incomprehensible events.

Many serious scholars persist, evasions from the study of such facts. But this information is one of those that chase her through the door, and she breaks into a window and walk through walls.
Each year, data banks, card indexes, encyclopedias, supplemented with new data on UFOs. Need to think a moment when the amount of information going to the quality, will give a new explanation for this phenomenon.

But if NLOshnymi vertices far from clear, the situation with the Cheyenne Mountain is quite real in its caves is the command post of the joint air and missile defense of North America. To a depth of 200 m rocketeers down in the capsule. Here, round the clock, American and Canadian experts.

They not only follow the missile activity on our planet, but also take into account all incidents related to UFOs. Here the holy of holies — the key to the nuclear button to start the strategic missiles, which is located in the suitcase president. It is no exaggeration to say that in the hands of the "strategists hell Cheyenne Mountain," as they are called, are the world's fate.
Externally there like Peace and grace prevail: devices and computers work silently, operators behave calmly and nesuetlivo. But, in fact, the situation is tense — is invisible tracking changes in the atmosphere and underground. Incidentally, aerospace service of this object clearly documented beginning of the fall Russian "Mir" station after braking and confirmed that debris fell at a specified location in the Pacific.

That's why we do not believe and ufology that the command of the special department and do not know anything about the UFO problem. And do not believe that such a powerful system does not record their appearance in the sky of our planet. And has long been known that the accumulated data bank in Cheyenne surpasses all imaginable sizes. And why, then, beginning in 1947 (and perhaps much earlier), air force, air defense, missile defense and all other competent U.S. military stubbornly deny their strong interest in this issue? So what happens? And who cares? Such are the strange questions for "Cheyenne Mountain" …

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