Over Britain flew six UFOs. Photo

January 20, 2012 17:08

These two discs were seen over Chatham in Kent on January 6.  Photo: dailymail.co.uk

These two discs were seen over Chatham in Kent on January 6. Photo: dailymail.co.uk

But skeptics believe again, explain the reasons for their appearance earth.
In January, six flew over Britain UFO. Witnesses describe them as "objects that seem to glow from within" and "were like saucers," reports dailymail. Pictures taken on cell phones stunned observers printed publication The Sun. Among them — 21-year-old Ernestas Griksas. He saw a strange lethal devices near his home in Chethemu (Kent) January 6 about one o'clock.

— I saw two white discs that everything earthly were not like — told reporters Griksas. — Next to me, do not pass any airway. One disc was a little paler, located just beyond the first and at a higher speed. Both mysterious shining lights.

The second witness was a car salesman Josh Cummins. He watched for four "plates", when he went to work early in the morning by car through the city of Lawton (Essex) on January 10.

It looked like four UFOs. Photo: dailymail.co.uk

— It's like they were flying in close formation in the clouds — he recalled. — But very quickly. In the line of sight, they were no more than 15 seconds, and then fled. When I wanted to take pictures, then almost crashed. I stopped, took off his property for a mobile phone. They just looked like a UFO. Before, I did not believe in them.

Physicist zkspert Nick Pope as prokommentroval events:

— In the first case, the photo suggests that this is a bug with the camera. And the second picture does not inspire my confidence. This may be a meteor plasma. But it is difficult to prove. Yes ISIS could warm sensation. If olzhin people saw something, then a few more people will start looking for something unusual in the sky and will find. This phenomenon is called in psychology "self-fulfilling prophecy." In addition, it is known that when the population density is high enough, very often there are more potential witnesses if there is anything strange in the sky.

Skeptics explain such observations of strange objects in the sky, usually so: it's a plane, reflections in camera lenses, satellites, missiles or fireballs.

Svetlana KUZINA

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