Over talk of Vitebsk terrorists threatened with dismissal

At the enterprises of Vitebsk administration conducts preventive conversations that employees do not spread rumors, and most importantly — do not share information with journalists. During conversations with the "outsiders" even threatened with dismissal.
On a stern warning not to divulge any information about the detainees' Vitebsk natives "who are accused of the terrorist attack in Minsk on April 11, secretly told many residents of the DSC. An industrial suburb where they lived guys — alleged terrorists. In high school number 35, where I studied two of them expected a large-scale test, secretly tells the mother of one of today's students:
"It is expected checks conducted classroom hours, as is generally

Other people say — in transport go, someone says something, and so the rumors are passed …

ideological work in school … Everyone is afraid of! Another teacher said, as if the mother of one of the detainees in a coma in the hospital lies. Other people say — in transport go, someone says something, and so the rumors are passed … Here is our plot number 16, section housing, so there is all too shake, that there is no order in the dungeons. "
In the area of street Repin every second can show where those dungeons in which — according to the Belarusian television — were laboratory for the production of explosives. Cleaners who sweep in yards, made direct order there — take out the garbage and debris. Anonymously and not on tape Ms. admitted that rubble and debris were many, but the signs of the laboratory no one noticed. Yes, and would not let go, that there was a danger — convinced the employee housing department number 16.
I asked the pensioner near the entrance, is not afraid to live, when the bottom — the likely "laboratory" with explosives. She answers reluctantly, but with a clear distrust of information from television:
"People also have something to say. So they say. Well, maybe it all

People also have something to say. So they say.

taken if there was something. Or, maybe, lived with it and no one knew anything! . "
Lady says that his "reel" in the basement of the general uses rare, but agrees to open up and show how it all looks. Nothing special: sloppy made partitions, wooden home-made doors, cement floor. The house where he lives a second detainee torture chambers look even worse: there is no light, moisture and odor.

Basement in the house of the second alleged terrorist

Dungeons are not sealed, the entrance can also go though a few days ago at the residence of the detained police officers were on duty — ostensibly for security to the children of the family was not satisfied with lynching. Now the police are not visible, but also relatives: the neighbors assume that their either specially taken to preserve the secrecy of the investigation, whether they temporarily left to no one to catch the eye.
Meanwhile the internet has information about the third detainee in the April 11, who also lived in Vitebsk. Some of the locals call the name of the detainee, and someone says that it is a few years younger than two detained earlier, but he had already married and wife is expecting a baby. The third detainee allegedly only helped make explosives and arrested him a day or two ago. Later than the "quiet guy who does not remember the neighbors" and "talented chemist who studied at the school for three, and in social networks was registered under the name of the hero series" Soldiers "- thus in the media characterize the alleged perpetrators of the attack.
With journalists residents of Vitebsk talk less: threats about troubles at work act. Official information about the detainees almost none: the KGB and the Prosecutor's Office reports on the Internet and does not comment on specific names are not called. All information promise to announce in the near future, at the time of arraignment. In accordance with the law, the prosecution must charged in a 10-day period.



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