Pacific Fleet receives a new hydrographic ship

Pacific Fleet takes a new hydrographic shipHydrographic Service of the Russian Federation in the Pacific was created during the reign of Emperor Alexander II Oct. 31, 1856. Service was involved in construction of lighthouses, ships wiring and ensuring their non-hazardous voyage.

Hydrograph of the past have done detailed maps of coves and bays, anchorages, what brought a great contribution to the study of Russian Pacific waters. Hydrographic ships of the Pacific Fleet have participated in lengthy scientific expeditions devoted to in-depth studies of the oceans.

The rich traditions of the Pacific war hydrograph last. November 12 in Vladivostok accomplished festive ceremony of launching the survey vessel (GTRI), "Victor Faleev." Ship was named after the famous naval hydrograph Victor Faleeva. The descent of the water of the new GTRI was timed to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the establishment of the Pacific Navy Hydrographic Service.

In the launching ceremony was attended by boat in the water shipbuilders Enterprise "Eastern shipyard", representatives of the Pacific Fleet Command and its veterans.

Over the past 155 years of military tasks hydrograph almost reversed: the crew of the new ship will formulation of the open sea navigation buoys and ensuring the smooth operation of navigation systems providing non-hazardous movement of ships near the Pacific coast of our country.

As reported by the representatives of the Pacific Fleet, "Victor Faleev" will patrol the coast of Far East Russia. GTRI is equipped with the latest technology and has considerable endurance.

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