Palazhanka: The president has a hatred of the independent Free Youth

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has called bluff and nonsense
statement that the terrorist attack in Minsk will be an occasion for the massacre of the opposition. However, he noted that among the opposition, "there are fighters," which he promised to put in place. How to react to such statements in the democratic opposition?

During the work day on April 16 Lukashenko curled reporters that he knew of militants among the opposition. This, they say, "especially the" Young Front ", the other unregistered organization." He promised to put them in place by law. According to the activists of "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, such estimates Lukashenko associated with the future of the courts of protestors on December 19, "to sentences did not seem strange."

Anastasia Palazhanka

"The president has a hatred for the independent free youth, which he was unable to subdue by the fact that he wanted to see in this country. Even sitting in" an American, "I read a number of articles in" Sovetskaya Belorussia "that the state loses youth policy . Indeed, the state will always play the youth policy, based on repression and fear. Certainly, Young Front annoying this power — its autonomy and vybitnastsyu among youth structures. It irritates the fact that he has not fallen due to all the repression that we endured. And I'm convinced that will not fall. And if Mr. Lukashenka said that we would have to answer according to the law, by the same law, and he will be responsible. "

By Anastasia Palazhanka, it is significant people in uniform are fighting with the youth, which promotes the idea of national and Christian values, healthy lifestyles.

Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski Lukashenko calls bullshit charges against the youth organizations that they are militants. He notes that friends or former activists of youth organizations such as the BNF Youth Front, the Social Democrats or the UCP youth are on the case of the riots.

Ales Bialiatski

"These youth political organizations to produce images of real politics, for political parties. Lukashenko It contradicts itself. On the one hand says it will not prosecute activists, on the other hand, he will understand and put into place the representatives of youth organizations. And above all, calls the Young Front. That is, by the way. has one of the causes of the severe attitude toward the Young Front leader Dmitry Dashkevich, Anastasia Palazhanka, Avenue Kirkevich, Eduard Lobau, which is wrongly convicted of whether the courts will still be on them. Also strange statements about Anatolia Liabedzka that he was released from prison. Something we have not seen any presidential decree of pardon. This highlights the situation of lawlessness that is happening in the country, if the question or issue to condemn decides one person . "

Political scientist Ales Lahvinets notes that Lukashenko can not believe when he says that the attack would not cause for reprisals against the opposition. After all, on the other hand, he claims by the opposition fighters.

Ales Lahvinets

"The regime has used brutal methods of struggle against the political opposition. Malady Front, as far as I know, there is no action designed to extremism or terrorism. The way in which the head of the Youth Front was jailed, after what court and what ilzhepakazannyami shows that the regime uses any occasion and come up with their people to be jailed. terrorist attack that occurred this tragic event. This is one thing. aggressive, militant, inhuman power struggle with the opposition is another matter. So, obviously, you need to investigate and find the culprits in attack. And these terrible tragedies just have to be a cause for national unity. But we see the power of how to behave. "

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