Parade of Planets in 2012 can cause failures of infrastructure, the Internet and technology in the world

Parade of Planets in 2012 can cause failures of infrastructure, the Internet and technology in the worldAccording to scientists at the end of 2012 inhabitants of the earth will witness the beautiful, but at the same time, the disruptive event: December 21, will the great parade of planets. In fact, this cosmic phenomenon is quite often — 9 planets in the solar system have often lined up in a row, but the parade of planets is significant because in addition to the nine major planets in a row with the sun will rise, and the ten celestial bodies will be on the center axis galaxy. And at the center of our galaxy is a black hole that emits x-ray waves in the direction of the planet.

Because a significant, unique and wonderful event together is a threat to humans: the strong radiation from Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the black hole will cause the earth refusal techniques: fails infrastructure, technology, and the Internet. Even a battery-powered devices such as a tape recorder or compact antizhuchok, gone.

The radiation power is too great, and the parade of planets can cause a severe blow to national economies. Fortunately, on December 21, as many believe, will not be the end of the world — radiation is not powerful enough to burn our planet, all living organisms. Still, train, trains, trams will be temporarily out of service. All flights are canceled, etc.

Great disappointment awaits fans of the Internet: the World Wide Web will turn off for a while, maybe a few days. But according to experts, the network inoperable last only a few hours. The cause of failure — a failure of satellites, terrestrial transmitting stations and a number of relay stations. During the parade of planets would be impossible, and storage of recorded telephone conversations, and the transmission of information through mobile communication.

In general, the results of the end of 2012 are disappointing: a parade of planets would harm the economy, will cause temporary failure of technical equipment, disrupt infrastructure. For about three days, mankind is cut off from electricity. Unfortunately, a great and such a rare event inhabitants of the earth will bring many problems.

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