Parallel World — issues 31-35

June 30, 2012 2:20

Parallel World — Issue 31 (06/04/2012)

Spontaneous combustion. How to extinguish the fire, devouring people from the inside? The more knives in the kitchen — so hot love in the bedroom! How to change the writing to be successful?

Parallel World — Issue 32 (06/05/2012)

Angels and Demons — myth or two parts of our self? Why are boys so girls like to pull the pigtails? Remember everything: how to extract the information from the corners of the subconscious?

Parallel World — Issue 33 (06/06/2012)

How to calculate and neutralize the poltergeist? Can damage the beauty of your career? How to lure in the pan success? Whom to treat pancake to come to the house wealth?

Parallel World — Issue 34 (06/07/2012)

How to check: you are a child of indigo — or not? What dishes do not beat to happiness? What is the power source of the ice? What to do to work does not have twisted knot sea? What an athlete feels when it becomes a champion?

Parallel World — Issue 35 (08/06/2012)

What is deja vu and whether to fight it? Who taught humans to bake bread in their recipe? What barbecue is better to cleanse your chakras?

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