On passing in France 50th the International Air Show Paris Air Show 2013 Bell Boeing representatives of the group said that in recent years likely significant increase in export orders for tiltrotor V-22 Osprey, reported June 17.
Export can be delivered up to 100 machines, reports Currently, manufacturers have gained konvertoplanov «impressive results» immediately reducing the time ready to fly, and the price per flight hour (reduced to 9520 U.S. dollars).
«In 2010, we reduced the time the flight readiness of 28%, immediately reducing the price of flying hours by 10%. I do not know of any other applets, which would have been achieved such success, «said Managing Joint Office programs from the V-22 U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Greg Masiello (Greg Masiello). Average cost per vehicle is $ 70 million, not so long ago, the Pentagon laid out a purchase order for 99 machines to $ 6.5 billion
Intrigued in acquiring American konvertoplanov exhibit UAE, also Japan, which has verified the reliability of the machine. Masiello showed photos tiltrotor landing and takeoff from the deck of the Japanese ships JS Shimokita and JS Hyuga. «These photos show that the V-22 does not need a large flight deck to carry out its tasks,» says Lieutenant-Colonel.
Tiltrotor also makes flying from the deck of the French UDC Mistrale during joint exercises Bold Alligator 2012. Flights showed that the V-22 may be based entirely on the ships of class «Mistral».
V-22 may also vary deck transport aircraft C-2A, which are based on aircraft carriers to perform the functions of transport (shipping freight, mail and passengers from the ship to save and back). Layout C-2A took to the skies in 1964. Last week, the V-22 was based aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman for evaluation as a carrier-ts. U.S. Navy may acquire from 30 to 50 konvertoplanov to substitute C-2A.

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