Pensions are only enough for bread and something most necessary to the bread …

All last week, the society of Belarus suffered a shock after the explosion at the metro station "October" in Minsk. The victims of the terrible terrorist attack were 13 or innocent people, mostly young adults. Hundreds were hospitalized, many — crippled. Bowing his head in sorrow to the innocent blood shed, thousands and thousands of Belarusian citizens are asking: "Why is this evil has come and our land? Who's to blame? Lee real perpetrators were detained special services that are so incredibly quickly declared solving the crime? '.

The answers to these questions and more students are looking for and "Freedom". I will begin today's discussion with one message on this topic. Our listener Nikolay Noskov from Minsk writes:

"I looked on April 13, state television — and it was scary. Immediately after Lukashenko instructed to interrogate the case of an explosion of opposition leaders, on the screen one after another began to appear different high-ranking officials, deputies and one voice to condemn the opposition demand to bring her to criminal liability. Like, how dare they suspect and speculate that in the act of terrorism can stand or intelligence officials? it is — an attempt on the foundations of a criminal offense.

God, in what state we live in? Power and only does that expresses the suspicion that the opposition may be related to the explosion. And if such an assumption regarding power expresses the opposition — that it is a crime. Why? What this version does not have the right to life? Between the various factions in the government summit agreement and understanding prevail? They do not compete with each other for influence? Among them there are no experts on explosive devices with wide access to explosives? ".

In that terrible moment in the evening the eleventh in a crowded station platform "October" could be near and opposition activist, and an official of the presidential administration, and their son or daughter, and mother, and wife, and other people closest … This heinous crime is unlikely to fit into the usual scheme for Belarus opposition to the government and opposition. Whoever was behind the blast, no matter what goals or ideas can cover up, no explanation and justification can not be perfect. Worried and concerned, in fact, only one thing: that he who is now giving confessions in the KGB jail, really was the one who brought the explosives in the metro, and committed a terrible murder.

The author of this letter — Michael Danko of David-Gorodok Stolin District — Speculates about the fate of political prisoners, how to change the political situation in Belarus in the three months that have passed since the December Square. The listener writes:

"After the presidential election has been more than 100 days, but the echo of them does not cease. Why, because as the economic and political situation suggests that opposition candidates were right. They all spoke of the need for urgent reforms, pay attention to the populist policies that could make the economy to a standstill. mentions that it is necessary to cancel the slave system of short-term employment contracts, which deprived the basic rights of employees.

And Lukashenko remains in power. The result? Raging price increases. In stores disappear most necessary. Wages are not rising. Currency from the banks disappeared.

As I had foreseen, the more unsteady the Lukashenko regime, the greater will be strengthened repression. The fact that some political prisoners softened charge, indicating their innocence, rather than that the power supposedly kinder. Politics of power failure. It's obvious. But the authorities did not recognize. So I want to rally opposition figures together and make common cause. Enough work for everyone ",

Listener wrote this letter before the April 11 explosion occurred in the Minsk metro. The situation after the attack, and after the menacing statements of Alexander Lukashenko against opposition politicians have changed — and not in favor of the participants in the Plaza, which is now awaiting trial. Public discontent caused many economic problems, and now the terrible terrorist attack — the authorities are clearly trying to deflect and shift their political opponents.

The following letter sent by longtime friend Nicholas Volchyk from the village Zino Pruzany region. He sees the causes of many of today's ills Belarus is that the country is not developed civil society. The listener writes:

"The events of the 19th of December, following the arrests and harassment of opposition activists suggest that in our" blue-eyed "there is no civil society. Well, our man in the street does not have any change! So, now all convinced that Belarus — is not the Czech Republic and NOT Poland. Society welcomed the virus of envy, greed, cruelty and aggression. And the disease is likely to have — for a long time. involuntarily sympathize with the leader of the opposition who were unjustly in this position. May him moral support and gratitude for their voice against the existing order ".

Do I need to change the Belarusian man in the street? So, Nikolai Ivanovich, yesterday were not needed. And today? Therefore, the average man still cares about opposition, which for participating in the rally was imprisoned for three years. But you do not care about other things. He was planning a holiday in Turkey, but for days now stands in line at the bank and can not change their rubles for foreign currency. In his shop disappeared oil, which then, however, appeared, but twice as expensive as before. Wildly rising prices and everything else, and the salary remains the same. And all this is involuntarily forced to think about where the country is going the right way and selected.

Own view on the Belarusian government soliciting another loan from Russia — our old friend MSzasz village of village cankers Malorita region. In his letter to the "Freedom" listener writes:

"Our people do not understand much. Think imperial Russia will put them into the language of the free cheese. Vain … For all have to pay. Yes, even as — seven skins will tear off!

There is much talk about sanctions, which could stop the political repression in Belarus. What can I say — I have little faith in it. If I could have canceled sports (especially hockey championship of the world) — the government is afraid of this, because what her favorite toys. But neither the economic nor the blockade of sports, I am sure, will not. After all, politics in Belarus and the West — it's one of our kind.

What really disturbs our people now — it's price. Bread, cereals, sugar, butter and other products become more expensive, so that fear takes. Personally, I get a small pension — only 250,000. Only enough for bread and something most necessary to the bread. So it's in the village. And in a city like me, even more difficult. Pay for utilities, for travel, telephone — what is left? ".

Village elders sympathize with the city, and the city — village. Well, if it still has enough power to plow the garden and plant potatoes, to go to the well to fetch water, prepare hay for cows in the winter. And when the forces on it are gone, and the children — far? As the old woman to live out their days in the old cold hut without running water and heating, and even with such a meager pensions (pensions and large none of the former collective farmers, as a rule, do not get)?

On the language issue, total discrimination of Belarusian citizens once again draws attention to in his letter to the "Freedom" Valery Gricuk from Minsk. He writes:

"Yes, the situation in the society now tense. But will it be
a result of this, tell about yourself. Currency I managed to acquire. At banks do not keep money and do not advise others not to feed the officials and dictatorship. But I care about things more important and essential. For what we, Belarusians, we live?

Every day, remember the words of "Abduction" … Yes, the repression of the dictatorship continues, "Stalinist conveyor belt" lasts. But you can not even so forget that we — Belarusians, and our language — Belarusian (by the way, the state even under the current Constitution). So I think that even this repressive mechanism should be used to remind the public about its status, and it should sound, and also in the courts.

Unfortunately, my colleagues do not understand dismissive — they say, "there are more important issues." And the years go by, and the situation with the Belarusian language is only getting worse. Since that time, when I tried to require the government to solve this problem, many years have passed. The problem remains, because the democratic struggle of the Belarusians to address this problem did not happen …

By the way, all the other dictators of the language of the titular nation protect. During the recent "elections" in Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev stressed the importance of the Kazakh yazyki.V Turkmenistan — Turkmen hard nationalism. Even Yanukovych understands the importance of the national language, and therefore not in a hurry to give Russian a second state language. And we? "

He also sent a response to the Ministry of Justice to his appeal on the fact that public officials, judges do not know the state of the Belarusian language. The essence of the official response is to ensure that the legislation does not require knowledge of the state language of the candidate for the position of judge.

If you follow this logic, the judge in Belarus can even assign any immigrant who does not know at any of the state language — either Belarusian or Russian. The law also does not require knowledge of the …

In general, Mr. Gricuk, you're right: the struggle for language faded into the background, even among enthusiasts of this case. Do not look for the most priority of many language problem on the background of the political and economic turmoil, which is today in the Belarusian society.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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