Pentagon prepares an easy and cheap exoskeleton infantry

Pentagon prepares an easy and cheap exoskeleton infantry
Defense science agency DARPA opens a new direction in the development of combat exoskeletons. Now South American military will try to make it more easy and a cheap exoskeleton that will not give the soldier superpowers, but simply «zeroes» ordinary weight equipment.

New DARPA project does not negate the previous applets to develop exoskeletons such as HULS or XOS 2. New exoskeleton can be effortlessly fit under the existing equipment, and he’d take over the standard weight equipment South American infantryman. So Makar, the brand new exoskeleton is not necessary to be able to carry fighter 5:00 loaded with 100 kg on his shoulders. Rather, if the new exoskeleton will take the load up to 45 kg.

The project is planned to create a DARPA exoskeleton that fits the shape. It will provide protection from injury, increase strength and endurance, reduce fatigue and provide prevention and treatment of acute and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Apparently, the experts at DARPA aimed at implementing existing technologies rehabilitation exoskeletons. For example, the company Ekso Bionics implements its clinics mechanized suits created for rehabilitation of patients suffering from paralysis. It feeds on the energy of such a suit akkuma, with a single charge lasts for several hours. Need to think that the light version of the exoskeleton from DARPA will work at times longer — for more than a day in the benchmark on a single charge akkuma. It will have to solve a number of problems for the power supply, but reduced load requirements simplify puzzle.

Now we can confidently state that exoskeletons become usual element equipment commandos sverhtehnologichny armies. With the downsizing of most armies increasingly becomes a matter of principle features of each individual soldier. Combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan has shown that successful fulfillment of combat tasks in almost everything is dependent on the physical training fighter. Soldiers who are obliged to operate in severe weather criteria with languid equipment very quickly get tired, make mistakes and lose momentum. In addition, the strategy of small units of action involves the introduction of a small-sized (but not quite easy for humans) missile weapons and UAVs. Exoskeleton — the only way to make more agile modern fighter as physical abilities of the human body no longer meet modern requirements of the battlefield.

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