Pentagon prepares for ekszoskelet light infantry units

Pentagon prepares for ekszoskelet light infantry units
Exoskeleton (from the Greek. Exoskeleton) — a special device that is designed to increase strength and abilities through the use of the outer frame. Exoskeletons repeated human biomechanics for proportional growth efforts while driving. For disk imaging, which is contained in the press, working models of exoskeletons in current time have been made in the USA and Japan. Among other things exoskeletons can be built into the suit.

One of the main developments is the introduction of military exoskeletons. The purpose of this research is to develop such «shell», which would be increased speed, agility, physical strength, man, combining within itself and also the function of protecting the fighter (extra armor). The introduction of such mechanical «skeletons» in the future can seriously increment performance fighters of their ability, transforming fighter coming in the likeness of cyborg.

Continuous development of science and technology leads to the fact that the modern infantryman carries a greater variety of weapons systems, reconnaissance and tracking the enemy, different computing devices, which inform about the current fighter combat situation — the enemy disposition, comrades and even peaceful inhabitants. With all of this the number of computer systems, tools, other clothing, which can be useful fighter to accomplish combat tasks with time only grows. Unfortunately, ordinary infantryman now simply unable to take to the fight all right — because in addition to the weight worn ammunition and armaments limited physical abilities fighter, they still have to conduct active combat actions with this load.

 Pentagon prepares for ekszoskelet light infantry units

Realizing this, the first in the U.S. in the 2000s have begun to implement programs from mechanization and robotics for the military, which included work on the creation and exoskeletons. Creating similar devices — task not from the category of light, because you want to create a device that will be an indispensable in some situations and for all that will not interfere with the soldier and fetter him in his movements. The best option will be coming exoskeleton one hundred percent change fighter hands and feet, also will allow him to take over 95% of the weight of all cargo transported by man. Besides the above virtually flawless ekzoskilet must connect to in a human body, fulfilling all the desires and commands human carrier, and in the future and anticipating them in advance.

Currently, the most severe obstacle to the beginning of creation vsepolnotsennyh exoskeletons is suitable for their lack of energy sources, which have allowed to use the ability of exoskeletons for a long period of time. Task force exoskeleton longer work as possible now is more fundamental, because in actual combat criteria in the backcountry — mountains, deserts, woods, charge the device will simply nowhere.

Currently DARPA — Defense Advanced U.S. agency itself opens a new direction in the development of exoskeletons. Currently, South American and military engineers seek to create more a cheap and easy exoskeleton that would not appropriated supernormal fighters, but simply «zeroes» the weight of their ordinary gear and equipment. With all this new project which is going to implement DARPA, does not negate the existing applets to create exoskeletons such as XOS 2 or HULS. It is understood that the new exoskeleton will be without much difficulty to adjust to the existing military equipment, for all that he is able to take on the weight of the standard equipment of the South American infantryman. Proceeding from this, the new exoskeleton does not need to carry a fighter with a 100-kg load for 5 hours, fully sufficient for the fact that he was able to take the required load weighing up to 45 kg.

Pentagon prepares for ekszoskelet light infantry units

The new project defense scientific agency is going to make an exoskeleton that can be freely placed under military form. It is understood that he will be able to increase strength, endurance, protection from injury infantrymen reduce lethargy and fatigue, and provide prevention and healing of acute and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Apparently, DARPA engineers focused on the use of available technology medical rehabilitation exoskeletons. For example, Ekso Bionics implements clinics mechanized suits of its own production, which are created for the rehabilitation of ill people suffering from paralysis. Such suits are powered by battery power, with all this single charge akkumy enough for several hours of continuous operation. With all of this would be logical to imagine that the military version of the exoskeleton from DARPA will be able to work even longer — in perfect form more than a day on a single charge of batteries. Naturally, this will need to solve a problem on the power supply, but the decrease of load requirements for the exoskeleton should simplify this puzzle.

Already at this point it is safe to read that ekzosklety over time become an everyday element of equipment commandos sverhtehnologichny all armies in the world. With a decrease in the number of most global armies becomes more and more important question of the fighting properties of each taken separately fighter. Combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq has shown that the solution successfully combat missions in almost everything is dependent on the physical training fighters. Fighters who are obliged to act in difficult weather criteria for transferring heavy equipment for themselves rather quickly get tired, lose pace and make mistakes. In addition, the implementation strategy involves the use of small units compact (but it is not easy for a fighter) weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles. So Makar, exoskeleton — this is the only way to make a modern infantryman more mobile because of everyday physical abilities of the human body do not satisfy all the requirements of the modern battlefield.

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