Perspectives «Mace» in light of recent events

September 6 during testing nuclear submarine «Alexander Nevsky» incident related to a new ballistic missile R-30 «Bulava». On the second flight Minutka refused one of missile systems, so that the product had fallen into the waters of the Arctic Ocean. To investigate the circumstances of the tragedy was created by a special commission, whose chairman was appointed Chief of the Navy Admiral Chirkov. At the current time, the Commission continues to figure out why the rocket failed to fulfill its educational puzzle.

Without waiting for the results of the investigation, defense minister Sergei Shoigu ordered an additional tests newest rocket. In accordance with his orders in the coming months will be made several test launches of missiles R-30. Their aim is to check the conformity of products declared features. Precise dates of these launches has not been announced. Perhaps the new tests will begin only after the investigation. Once this had been suspended municipal tests submarines «Alexander Nevsky» and «Vladimir Monomakh». Pending the results of the commission’s work appear most different versions regarding the circumstances and consequences of the emergency start.

Assigns a specific kind of situation that the fallen missile «Bulava» was made in the first production batch. Including this feature emergency start led to the fact that once again began to spread about the uselessness of the modern world and malfunctioning rocket adopting her. It should be remembered, expressed a similar outlook in the past few years. One of the main reasons for criticism of the project was a certain amount of test launches ended in failure. This feature tests the R-30 has led to a variety of statements, according to which the project is very raw and needs to modify or abandon the same general it.

A few days back the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu again asked about the prospects of a new missile submarine. According to the minister, in the plans of the military department until there are no harsh steps. For example, the Defense Ministry is not going to replace the «Bulava» missile to another. According to the views of the minister, first you need to know the prerequisites nedavneshney tragedy and already the results of the investigation to take a corresponding decision.

Noteworthy that the words of Sergei Shoigu can make at least some successful conclusion. On the one hand, to the minister that the recent «Bulava» remains in service with the marine part of the nuclear triad. On the other hand, the results of the investigation may be such that the Ministry of Defence will have to find a substitute already entered service rocket. While early read on how specifically will develop in the coming action. The only clear step in the future of the R-30 is the end of the investigation. Specifically, the results will determine the next act in relation to weapons newest nuclear submarines.

In the first days of the tragedy noted that the commission may take a few weeks or a few months. The main problem lies in the investigation of certain features of the launch. In 1-x, the fallen missile «Bulava» was a serial product. In-2, the main objective was to test the start of on-board systems missile submarine «Alexander Nevsky». In this regard, the rocket has not been ascertained telemetry equipment. As a result of this confluence of events Emergency Commission lacks the huge amount of information on the progress of the missile.

The investigation committee may check the entire first production batch of missiles «Bulava», which belonged to the emergency product. In any case if there was a design flaw and it can not be called an isolated case, you will be taken appropriate action. It is understood that all the R-30 will be checked and modified. The result of such developments will be the correction of existing shortcomings and preservation missile «Bulava» armed Russian Navy.

But we can not rule out the possibility of more severe problems. If the Commission finds that the tragedy was a prerequisite for any technical flaws that can not be corrected quickly and easily comparable, it will have huge implications for both the Navy and for the defense industry. Most languid for the Defense Ministry, design bureaus and plants become such a scenario, in which the need to do as soon as possible and put into service the newest rocket, devoid of defects existing «Bulava».

Despite the fact that while you can only assess the possibility of such final events already occur proposals for substitution of the R-30, have been criticized. For example, a couple of years back the clock, it became clear that their city Rocket Center. Makeev (Miass) had another family modernization liquid propellant missiles R-29RM, which resulted in a new ammo. According to reports, the missile R-29RMU3 (from time to time found the title «The blue-3») has properties at the level of the R-29RMU2.1 «liner», but all this can be used submarines of Project 955 «Borey». For comparability with the new missile submarines equipped with P-29RMU3 refreshed first and second stage of the least length and larger diameter. Now brand new rocket exists only in the form of design documentation.

Completion of the project «The blue-3» will claim significant cost time and money. Abandonment of the already adopted for service R-30 «Bulava» in favor while only developed P-29RMU3 will have significant negative consequences for the Russian nuclear forces. Fortunately, the available information on the status of testing and debugging of the project P-30, he graduated in the past year, suggest that a prerequisite nedavneshney tragedy was some defect technological nature.

Deadlines for the investigation into the tragedy is not yet known. In the current time are checking already made rockets and research-related information with a bad start. The results of the commission’s work will become the basis for subsequent actions of the Ministry of Defence. Because today’s investigation, taking into account the priority weapons programs of the marine component of the nuclear triad, will have a very huge impact on the armed forces and the country’s defense.

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