Pesnjary Svechkina — song Narache. Legend of Nara




Legend Lake Naroch


She lived in a black Twisted Lands ugly as this land of Nara girl with the soul brighter daylight. Once in love with her handsome young man, but evil people confirmed to him that she was not worthy. But the boy loved her and no one listened. He once gave her a mirror and said, "Take care of it, it is magic, it is cast out of spring grains. In its transparent depth you can uvidetsvoyu destiny. "

Nara then looked in the mirror and saw, and a clear, blue sky, lake colors of the sky, the waves and the seagull flies over the water. Suddenly … A miracle! Nara was as beautiful a person as a soul. Brightened by its beauty and the land of their black.

It was summer, no signs of trouble. Nara did not understand his vision.

But the happiness did not last long. Doznatsya about this miracle prince. He decided that the beauty of a girl — the most precious treasure for him. The prince asked for her hand — she refused. Then his servants killed her father, and she herself was captured and taken away. Cried missed Nara, waiting for help from his beloved. And help came. The guy entered the mansion and killed the prince, but the guards woke up …

Mounted his horse, lovers tried to get away from the chase, and it is getting closer and closer … The young man sent Nara toward her house, and he led the chase.

She rushed to the horse to the place where was her home and saw only ashes. Exhausted, she fell to the ground and waited for the groom. A lot of time has passed, and it does not come. And then the thought of Nara mirror, looked at him and saw — lies on a hill body of a dead guy standing over him faithful horse and circling crows. Cursing her beauty, Nara smashed mirror. Flashed it splinters — splashing water taker has hidden all around, and she Nara halter in tea. And open the eyes of people out of the blue lake and zvedz and who looked into it — very beautiful face, heart and soul.

And on a bright day, and in bad weather turns gull above the lake, all the screaming — sheds tears for his beloved.

To the legend of the lake Naroch

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