Peters shadow

Peter's shadowBiographical portrait of Alexander Menshikov very many meanings. Some say that this political activist and longtime winner of the king was a commoner, others find it a little-known Belarusian nobleman. Most of the historians are inclined to opinion, that Alexander Kuchma the groom was the son rootless, which sold the boy to the service of the muffin. After a long stay in the house of the owner's property, much appreciated and loved all Aleksashka, the child was in the service of the famous German Lefort. Presumably specifically in the settlement, Aleksandrov and received his education, which is so assist him in the upcoming. Menshikov has lived an amazing life, having a lot of hardships while in the service of countless masters, he went to the first stage of the municipal government.

All-powerful prince met with Peter Alexeyevich on the banks of the river during the royal youth. Specifically Menshikov became the pioneer of the first visit of the king in the German Quarter, where there was a first meeting with Anna Mons. In a period of rapid and passionate love story of the young king's messenger and Aleksashka was linked lovers, bringing correspondence and arranging visits. It is in this period and earned Alexander Kuchma trust and respect of Peter I. Could not stop pandering to the young king's wedding Lopukhina nor reproaches Natalia Naryshkin, or even moralizing patriarch. Not the most positive way on Menshikov his role in the intrigue, but to refute such behavior would have been silly. Aleksandrov successfully manipulated the king, which, incidentally, did not prevent him adore his own royal friend. In the middle of endless booze and crazy entertainment, during which affected a large number of noble families and was disgraced countless huge number of generous maidens, formed a striking fidelity and mutual sympathy between the head of state and the rootless boy with a commercial area of the capital. Night fights the king, none of which was conducted without a prompt Aleksashka, have imposed a nightmare for decent and noble knights of the house. Many kinds of amusements were violent and depraved nature, caused by excessive alcoholic libations. As they grow, the king and his faithful servant of fun turned into reform efforts, which also did not do without is human sacrifice. But unlike Peter 1 Menshikov never loved to follow the sufferings of humanity, he had a healthy psyche. Yet it did not cause disgust or addicted to the king himself in the role and torture, nor active, almost fanatical enthusiasm Peter the process of depriving a person of life. So, for example, Aleksashka, silent and obedient, and suffered a flogging over the archers, and the execution of Prince Alexis, and winner of the most severe izymatelstva disgraced Lopukhina Glebov, and other bloody sanctions of its own other. Menshikov perceived cruelty for granted and did not try to fight him, but the stories of his contemporaries he did not show any special initiatives of this kind of activity. In defense of Peter should be mentioned that the terrible and merciless punishment were the norm then.

Between the power of Sophia specifically Menshikov was rescued from a young monarch komplota and has promoted him to take refuge in the Trinity-Sergius Monastery. Friendship between Alexander Danilovich and 1 Peter was sincere, because even in the most languid Minutka Menshikov remained true to his own sir, calling it not for the other as "Mein Herz", which translated from German means "my heart".

These historians about the complete ignorance Aleksashka raise reasonable doubt, because this even witty commoner who did not have any education and trading in baking with hare in the capital market, has managed to become an important figure in the political arena, and easily communicate with European ambassadors in several languages . The official explanation of this fact is the highest assessment of natural features Menshikov and his ability to flatter and please the king. But such an explanation runs into multiple contradictions.

In-1's, Peter A. was a very naughty child, neposlushlivym, but educated, hardly an illiterate boy could intrigue him forever. In-2, Aleksandrov has managed to occupy the post of Generalissimo and copes with its obligations to do no training is unrealistic. B-3, Menshikov had a lot of communication, a semi-literate person can not own any of euphony or diplomatic abilities. In addition, during the period of service in the court of Alexander Kuchma has amassed a huge state, although the facts of his theft detected by Peter quite rare. One can agree with the historians that meeting Aleksashka and Peter was accidental, but a successful career without the presence of the respective education and training not only explains the natural flair and flattery. Should pay attention to the notes AS Pushkin, in which he argues that the history of the sale of pies came up zavistnye nobles, and in fact Menshikov came from a noble family of the unknown. Such a statement is entirely possible, because there is evidence that Alexander Kuchma during his own state of some interest in the noble estate in Belarus.

The official story, describing this majestic personality, is silent about some amusing facts of his biography. It must be emphasized that the Menshikov, not including the main defect of theft, had also voluptuousness, giving him a dislike of many reputable and worthy men. According to some reports, Menshikov was associated even with Catherine, which is so adored Peter A.. It is interesting that among the many temptations and temptations associated with the activities of the state and the wealth Aleksandrov very relaxed attitude to alcohol. The drinking never wore a painful character, which is not true of Peter.

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