Phantom of the 5th of the fort. Video


Kaliningrad and the surrounding area has always been considered anomalous zone. There's no time were observed UFOs and other unexplained events took place. One of the local attractions — the so-called fifth fort, where in the days of the storming of Koenigsberg many people were killed. Today, visitors to the fort facing the unusual phenomena as ghosts and hronomirazhey.

In January 2009, Nicholas Nikushevu from Syktyvkar, visited the Kaliningrad's brother, managed to take a picture of a strange phenomenon. Going along with my brother to see the famous Fifth fort, he suddenly saw on the monitor when the camera silhouette of a man in a soldier's overcoat unbuttoned.

Later, considering the photos, the men came to the conclusion that it was a form of the Great Patriotic War. Apparently, they had a chance encounter with the so-called hronomirazhom — materialization in the space of events that took place here in the early years.

And just recently happened something even more bizarre.

At the fortress was a group of tourists. The cashier followed their movements with surveillance cameras — so here are the rules. Suddenly she noticed on the monitor next to the tourists a glowing ball. But this was no ordinary UFO.

"I looked at myself when this record was struck, — the leading researcher of the Fort Sergei Rymbalovich number 5.

— Nothing like this has never seen before. Big translucent ball meters in diameter, it has a thin "neck", and inside — the eye socket, nose, mouth … In short, the skull! Only the view he was not intimidating, and good-natured. It's a ghost, not otherwise … "

Most interesting is that none of wandering through the territory of the fort tourists to "skull" did not pay any attention.

Obviously, that was only visible on a monitor. It was later revealed that a few days ago, a similar story happened to a local security guard. Bypassing the area at night, he saw the land of rainbow-colored light rises …

It was in the very courtyard where the cashier will take "a skull." The guard gave the glow of the camera … Maybe it is the soul of someone who is under the ground, buried, without repentance?

In addition to the ghostly luminescence, there are other things to happen, much less innocuous. So, one day during Reenacting an accident with a child fell through the roof of …

At other times rattled nearby wedding, one of the participants decided to take a dip drunk in the trench with water and jumped in there and drowned …

Recently in the fort was found a small bottle of mercury pre-war model. It is not clear how it was here … And in one of the bunkers in the area of the outer fortifications found hanged man.

The appearance of ghosts in Kaliningrad and the surrounding area is no surprise. For example, a few years ago in the Victory Day a group of students decided to take a picture at the grave of the philosopher Immanuel Kant. When pictures were printed, the guys saw them a mysterious stranger. A man dressed in SS uniform and helmet full of holes, stood behind the group photographs. With his left hand he was holding machine-Schmeisser, and raises his right in a Nazi salute …

There could be no doubt that the soldier was a ghost. However, they say that Kant himself, and not just met in his home town as a ghost …

In the vicinity of the Royal Castle allegedly "walking" phantom Nazi art historian Dr. Alfred Rod. He was the keeper of removals of Tsarskoye Selo Amber Room.

In November 2008, the camera recorded in the Cathedral of white silhouette was moving behind the altar. Cathedral caretaker complained nights sometimes feel a presence behind him …

There were rumors of a ghost that supposedly lived here, even when the city was called Koenigsberg. But whose is the ghost, no one could not tell. Maybe the same Kant?

In February 2009 Kaliningrader Elena Starova traveled to the area to take pictures there old castles and churches. Among the other objects she photographed the church was in the Railway. When the woman began to examine pictures of the house, one of them made near the Lutheran church, she saw a phantom … a horse!

Clearly see a horse's face, ears, mane. The horse looked like a living, white only. But then there are also white horses. Except that no horses near the church at the time of shooting was not observed!

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