Playing the war: premiere Belsat in Minsk

Today, in the 19 hours in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front in Minsk (Masherova, 8) will premiere the documentary Anton Telezhnikov "playing the war." Participation in the show will be the main characters, the former "politprizyvniki" and special guests.

Tape shows the current Belarusian army — from everyday life to ideology. The film is made up stories "political recruits" — Franck Vyachorka, Ivan Shyla, Andrew Tsianiuta and other social activists. Memoirs "politprizyvnikov" alternate in the picture with the semi-official war propaganda, which proves that allegedly only 1% of Belarusian soldiers wanted to avoid service.

Telepremera the film took place on the channel "Belsat" on April 8.

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