Points for Andrew Pochobut

The journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrzej Poczobut had the opportunity to read. Oksana Poczobut said that her husband was finally able to transfer to the detention center of Hrodna prison glasses. He blizarukasts.

"What was needed was information that he had poor eyesight, glasses just did not take. Said, make a copy of the medical records or go to the eye doctor," — said the wife of the journalist. She managed to find the recipe on the points that Andrew wrote out a doctor. "With this certificate they have taken, after all it is necessary to confirm that he really needs glasses," summed up Oksana Pochobut.

She received the first letter from her husband: "Ordinary letter, he did not write anything-cold out there or not. Said that everything is fine with him, as he can be there normally. Letter he wrote on 13 April, and he came just now. I think and their four people in the chamber, but it is the lawyer said. "

In the name of Regional Prosecutor's Office investigator Arseny Nicholas Oksana Pochobut sent by express mail a request for a meeting with her husband. Can afford, and can not, says Oksana Pochobut. She looks forward to receiving a response from the prosecutor.

Oksana Poczobut said Now that less unwell child — a son Yaroslav, who annually. When she needed a lawyer or in other cases, you come home to be with the baby, she says.

Andrew Pochobut — Head of the General Council of the Union of Poles are not recognized by the authorities. He was put in a detention center Grodno prison number 1 on charges of insulting the president (Article 368 Criminal Code RB), instituted against him as a result of Article 367 of the Criminal Code — "defamation of the president." At the heart of the case — Andrei Poczobut publications, most of which is from Warsaw, "Gazeta Wyborcza", as well as his private blog and website "Belarusian Partisan . "

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