Polish singer: I will not drink champagne with you when Pochobut and others in jail

In reporting on the trial of Andrei Poczobut in Grodno, today's Gazeta Wyborcza writes also that in connection with this process, the Polish singer Mieczyslaw Shchesnyak declined the invitation to be a member of the jury of the current "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk.

Shchesnyak received an invitation to participate in zhyry Pochobut before his arrest. Gazeta Wyborcza quoted the letter, which the singer recently sent to the organizers of the festival Vitebsk:

"They came hard times for all Belarusians and Poles who live among you. You feel it in their daily life, they feel it, which are in prison, as Andrew Pochobut and many of your relatives. I can not pretend that I do not care, I can not make money, be happy and to drink champagne when others in our eyes suffer persecution and torture.

Excuse me — I will not be at the festival, but once I come with great joy, to rejoice your freedom — it is inevitable.

I wish you courage and hope;

Your Mieczyslaw Shchesnyak. "

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