Polygraph showed that alien abductions are telling the truth

June 5, 2012 8:49

In early 2012, the Ukrainian "Kosmopoisk" checked on the "lie detector" family of the Rivne region, say that they were abducted by aliens. The test showed that people do not lie.

34-year-old Vladimir Voronezh city of Dubno, Rivne region claimed that on 12 January 2008, he and his wife abducted by aliens. The couple live in a one-story house on a quiet street near the center of the city. Vladimir Voronezh running wrestling coach, 29-year-old Olga — a former salesman, after the birth of her third child a woman is on maternity leave, has a 9-year-old Vanessa, 8-year-old Angelica and 1.5-year-old Arthur.

Vladimir was walking home when he saw in the sky hovering over the river "that three bullets." I thought my companions. The man took off his lens on the camera mobile phone. The picture shows the bright band. Vladimir home showed pictures wife. Had dinner and went to bed. At two in the morning I woke up Olga. Says get up, the house of something light! Rushed out into the street, a woman put on a robe, Vladimir — a T-shirt and shorts. "At 100 meters above the house hung like a platform. From it flowed white-violet light. We were so scared that they could not move. We became involved in a spiral inside the platform. "

The couple claimed that they were surrounded by a dozen creatures an increase of about 1.20 m have been monsters on 3 fingers, big eyes and a smooth gray skin. Mouth, nose or ears they have not noticed, but instead of legs were a lot of little suckers, like caterpillars. Behind them was another humanoid — an increase greater than 2 meters instead of clothes he had a long robe, his face is not visible. Wife took the other half of the room, put her on the couch, Vladimir rushed to her, but ran into an invisible wall. Voronezh said that several techniques used martial arts to break free. But for newcomers it had no effect.

Aliens asked why the man resists, "they sounded in my head. And they looked me in the eye without being aggressive or angry. " Vladimir says that the voice in his head was no accent, no voice …

The aliens are "talking" to him in Russian or Ukrainian, depending on which language he spoke. "If they can not explain something words, in my head there is a picture." Olga humanoids only indicate where to go. "There were polite, called me to you, ask how I feel, do not hurt you."
Olga belly cut with a scalpel. Studied the internal organs, and then stitched. Scars remain. "Pain is not felt. In contrast, were calm and relaxed, as if being tested. Not a man cut — he was assigned to head up some. " Voronezh communicate with aliens. They said that came from a neighboring galaxy — "Andromeda". Coach offered to stay with them. "They do not eat or drink, live underground. We are interested in them, because we have a feeling — fear, anger, love, joy. The aliens do not. He also said that the people and the cows were brought to Earth from other planets. " Humanoids released spouses and promised to return in two years. "We woke up in his bed at 11am. Lay down on a blanket, feel overwhelmed, as if the car unloaded. Head ached. Some days even among themselves not talk about it. Thought that mad or dreaming. Remember a little, but our stories are the same. " Later under hypnosis Vladimir painted kidnapped his UFO.

January 25, 2012 Polygraph testing fully confirmed the truth of the story of Vladimir. More precisely, the lie detector revealed that Vladimir lying, that is not afraid of this test and that his wife did not discuss this test in advance, but all other questions, describing details of the meeting which took place with UFOs and aliens, Vladimir answered truthfully. Specialist for a polygraph confirmed eyewitness account of the meeting with UFO's absolutely true except for minor fine detail.
In general, the story abduktantov (stolen CC) contains a number of apparent contradictions, and even logical from the point of view of common sense, but … identity testimony of two witnesses, confirmed by technical, which in itself is a significant achievement in the UFO practice.

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