Postcard jail Andrei Poczobut from Poland

Journalists of the newspaper «Tygodnik Podhalanski» of Zakopane started today rally in support of Grodno Andrzej Poczobut, a correspondent for the Polish edition of «Gazeta Wyborcza».

"Andrei Poczobut, journalist, activist at the same time the Polish Union in Belarus again behind bars," they write, and offer his readers to send him a card. Any suit, the authors write, view, or a cat, it will be to support Andrew.

In the newspaper the address detention center in Grodno. Polish journalists say that Andrei Poczobut is in jail on charges of defaming the president, for which he faces four years in prison.

"It is not known when the journalist to face trial. We only know that in this country can not expect a fair trial, "the newspaper notes.


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