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Energy power

Having engaged in an unprecedented experiment to change the power of the man, he knew what brandishing what age-old foundations of people are trying to destroy the fabric of life, so meticulously kept diaries. These diaries have become the foundation of his books.

"Going …"

Not long ago, in Krasnodar and Voronezh Volga presentation of the book with a surprisingly concise name — "Walking …". Author — Dmitry Goncharov, in the reading rooms of libraries of these cities gathered his friends, acquaintances, supporters of the natural healing system of Porfiry Ivanov rules with its famous "Baby." Potters developed the system of Russian nugget and something went on. The book was published four years after the death of Dmitry V., who had lived for nearly 80 years.

That's how it is: the man is gone, but his books live on. This is the second after his departure, and all three of them, and it looks like this is also not the last. When life Goncharova out how solid the speaker called "I allowed myself to eat eighteen days a year." Yes, it is unusual content lies in labor-teaching — how to be healthy and free, following the principles of natural healing. Truth, be honest, not everyone is able to do. Only firmly believed in the possibility of supply of energy of space and sun. Dmitry Goncharov decided on such a test … so his life is a lot like a feat. Someday people will appreciate them perfect.

For those who have never heard the name, I'll explain: a resident of Krasnodar D. Goncharov as if fate itself was intended to be a great experiment for the transition to the energy supply. Vernadsky and ingenious speculation about Tsiolkovsky autotrophic nutrition future of humanity was tested Porfiry Ivanov, Zinaida Baranova and his other followers.

355 days without food and water

We first met in November 2006. Externally, it is quite an ordinary man. Small height, thick, bushy gray beard, long white hair around the crown of his bald head — well, sixty-give it … If not living with lukavinkoy, wise eyes. Because of their language well, does not dare to call it, say, old man. At age — yes, but not otherwise.

Introducing: Dmitry Goncharov, working a retired military man, follower of the Master of Porfiry Ivanov. So he said of himself. Strong handshake strong hand. The fact that he and Baranova, from Krasnodar, is not surprising: a shared vision must have a common focus. True, it was revealed that he met with Sina ("AN" wrote about this amazing woman.. — Ed.), By the time lived without food for more than five years, only two years ago, and to experiment with abstinence began much earlier since the mid 90's. But went his own way, and even now is still in the way …

-You are currently also on abstinence? — Just in case, I said, as Dmitry V. view does not look like much starving man. Rather, it could be called plump.

-Today is the 303rd day without food and water — he smiled. — A little excess weight did: with the growth I am 161 cm 74 kg. Thirteen kg surpluses — he laughed. — This year I decided to do myself 355 days without food. Only ten days allow myself to eat. At birthday parties and family on special dates. And so … I live in the energies of Nature.

We began to talk, but I did not leave feeling astonishment how desperate courage and belief in success should have to go against thousands of years of tradition in the human world! Refuse food urgent …

LIFE ready for feats

Dimka … ran away from home when he was 12 years old. Compelling reason: the father for the first time raised his hand — whipped for some childish prank. This boy could not carry: steal a Nurse three rubles, took half a loaf of bread, a jar of honey to saw and went into a nearby Rostov. On the rise near their village train always slows down — and he jumped on the bandwagon of an oil tanker.

The policeman at the Rostov station could not pass up a tomboy stained with fuel oil: who, they say, and from where? Dima himself as an orphan from Budennovsk — where he was born. Like, my aunt died and he was left alone, and that's come to look for rogues in Rostov, to come to them. About native village of Alexandria, where he was the eighth youngest child in the family — no gu-gu …

While the police and small shaggy Mitya drinking tea with cookies, mustached sergeant called brine into the unknown:

-Here we have a kid Pribluda orphan boy does not like rowdy, said that he had come to look for the thieves. Until he found, take to his students …

Brine was Rostov artillery Preparatory School, which took orphans, street children, children of dispossessed parents. It was late August 1939 … On the day of Dmitry Goncharov began military service.

Home to the village, he was a year of letters about himself wrote. Half of the village came running to look at the handsome soldier. Especially envious school friends — patsanva local little Cossacks were asked to try on his cap, asked about guns and personal weapons.

After Dmitry Suvorov Military School was celebrated in Tambov Military Cavalry School — his marshals all the then ended. Came a lieutenant and was assigned to appear in Krasnodar, a sports team. Explained that the school was carried away bar and all kinds of wrestling, and it belongs to the weight "Mukhachev", the easiest and most scarce in the sports category, the prices it was not.

-And what level do you have? — I asked.

-Master of Sports.

-And in the bar? — I asked, already knowing about Goncharovskiy osobinki without which hardly made his experiment.

-Also a master of sports …

Shortly after the events in Hungary, where they hurriedly transferred tank unit, Goncharov was discharged with the rank of captain in retirement.

And there are no jobs! And no civil profession. Stature to Krasnodar Worsted student foreman repair looms. Worked at the plant for 30 years, starting as a student team leader to Deputy General Director for Sales and Construction. He graduated in absentia Textile Institute. Resigned in 1991, when the state orders and left the country began to crumble, not only light industry … In addition, to be honest, he was heavily tired commanding positions.

Why am I so detailed the biography Goncharova? In the milestones of his way, I involuntarily looked for that pivotal foundation that allowed him to decide to act, comparable to the great human feat. And we see that life, as if on purpose, preparing Shirkov to its main purpose. Judge: Military stone — from his childhood years in the service, a great athlete, accustomed to the selfless work, perseverance and restrictions; outstanding intellect, set him apart from the masses like.

So it is not a hoaxer or stupefied fanatic, and a conscious missionary, feat, if you will, which aims to show the limitless possibilities of man.

You can live without food!

And now more about the mission, which could be solved only by persuasion pioneer.

… March day in 1993 was black in the family Goncharov in the Urals during a training flight lost their eldest son, Alexander, a military pilot, a lieutenant colonel who had just graduated from the Military Academy named after Zhukovsky. He was 35 years old, survived by two daughters, the widow of …

Son buried in Krasnodar, and the day was not to his mother, Zoya Andreyevna twice, morning and evening, and did not go to the grave of her son.

-Well literally tormented myself to this anguish! — Says Dmitry V.. — I see, it should be saved, people withdraw.

Soon he came across an ad for a meeting with the followers Korneyevich Porfiry Ivanov. It spoke of "natural health." Come, listen, watched a film about Parsheke "Snow in Paradise." Were regularly swim in the Kuban. The more that Dmitry was always a lover of sailing, and the cold water was not a hindrance to him.

Goncharov soon joined by the 18-hour abstinence to 108 hours, that is not eaten for four and a half days each week! Teachers have a lot of reading about abstinence, faith in human possibilities and soon appointed a full post in 11 days. That was in 1994. No negative impacts felt, on the contrary — but good. And then Dmitri V. made a firm decision — to explore the possibility of starvation.

The next step was — 26-day fasting, and all week to dry, then there is no water. Was given it is hard, lost 18 kilograms of weight. Coming out of starvation for Bragg — very gradually, mostly juices and mashed vegetables. Curiously, his wife, while not starving, lost 12 kg of weight — so worried about her husband. For abstinence in 185 days, in 2002, 150 days Goncharov stood without drinking water!

-But how is it possible? — I asked my companion. — Because research confirmed that a maximum of 14 days dehydrated people die from poisoning the decay products in the body!

-Yes, of course, if you do not include consciousness, — says Dmitry V.. — It is important to create a special feeling and go with a deep belief in the potential of the organism. Teacher Ivanov first experienced the "dry" hunger, and I have no reason not to believe him. That's been the case in Turkey. After the earthquake was 34 days, when they found alive (!) Six-month baby. He did not drink water for 34 days! Why survive? The fact that wee did not know that people need food and water, well, and soon adapted to this state. Probably wept at first, not getting milk, and then used to energize and Cosmos.

-So, you, too, helps faith?

-Of course! Mostly — faith. A skeptic, I usually say, I drink, of course, drink, but in a different way — to bathe in cold water, brush my teeth in the morning and evening, rinse the mouth … I Kuban eight hundred meters from the house, so twice a day, morning and evening, we his wife always go swimming in the river. All year round! But when the temperance I find it hard, then I run to the river and more. This is enough.

-But still it is hard? Fighting is going so far?

-Of course! Fight so far. If you do not have this struggle, people are only too crazy. It can be very difficult! Then I ask the Master, please help me in Nature abstinence. And mind you, if you ask earnestly, literally in tears — relief necessarily occur.

The impossible possible

-A medicine as it relates to your experiment? For you to scientists — just a storehouse of superhuman!

-Medicine rather hostile than with interest — became sad Goncharov. — Here's an example. When I went to the 26-day fasting, he asked his friend, a doctor from worsted mill, the main measure my physical parameters before and after abstinence. Blood, lymph, urine, — well, everything! I was already 75 years old. She was also wondering if it is his PhD dissertation work. All measurements, before and after. Coming, and she said to you on all the data up to 35 years! That's it! I myself feel that the body is rejuvenated from abstinence. Okay, after some time, I called her again, when decided on a 108-day abstinence. She had already defended, scientist, so to speak. And then says, sorry, Dima, I can not. Why? — I ask. Responsible, they say, her colleagues said — or do you do science or nonsense. She did not want to risk a career … so doctors — it's like caste, and their errors are very hard to refuse.

It struck me that Dmitry V. leads a very active life. For Goncharov and his wife, the day begins at five in the morning. Zoe makes a small run, but he runs barefoot, naked, in any weather 7 kilometers from the city center to the cinema "October" and back, and then together find themselves in the Kuban.

-What kind of energy do you think is more important as a supply — solar or space?

-80 percent — Sunny. The rest gives the Cosmos. We — the children of Nature and get most of the energy from the natural electromagnetism.

Since 1999, … his life was a continuous series of tests — all in the name of the idea of improvement and transformation of man. 7, 11, 42, 108, 185 days without eating, drinking — milestones of his laborious way to overcome the laws of physiology. Then, in 2005, it was 347 days abstinence. In 2006, he was the program not to eat or drink the 355 days. I met with him at the time and was extremely impressed by the courage of this man. I could not believe that such people are already among us. The main thing, he said, to believe in a life force and power tune to win all my heart. It all depends on the restructuring of consciousness. And that he also had to prove.

Weak people will say — is not it still your stoic died … Yeah, died because he was trying to save the life of her second son, the affected cancer. And the body Shirkov No power, energy to continue his life was not enough. My father left in May 2007, two days after the death of his son. Heart stopped.

Now people come his book. His path was not in vain …

Gennady Belimov

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