Price has not changed Beltransgaz

Chairman of the State Property Committee Georgy Kuznetsov considers relevant undertaken in late 2006, investment bank ABN Amro market assessments of the value of the assets "Beltransgaz".

"The first half of" Beltransgaz "We have sold over 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, respectively, the entire company is worth 5 billion," — said Kuznetsov Interfax.

Kuznetsov made it clear that the Government of Belarus and "Gazprom" is already negotiating the complete or partial purchase and sale of the state share in the "Belstransgaze" but without his participation. "I do not participate and do not get into any of the groups in the negotiations", — assured the official.

Director of the State Property Fund Natalia Zharnasek said on April 7 about a possible sale of 50% of the state share in the "Beltransgaz".

"The possible sale of the state share in MTS," Beltransgaz "and the shares of the combined company, which is now created on the basis of" Grodno Nitrogen "and" Grodno Chemical Fibre "- said Zharnasek.

"Gazprom" for 2007 —2010s purchased 50% of shares of "Beltransgaz" for $ 2.5 billion in equal installments of $ 625 million.

The deal was based on conducted late 2006 Investment bank ABN Amro estimates the market value of assets, "Belstransgazu" in the U.S. $ 5 billion.

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