Procession on April 26 banned rally allowed

Minsk authorities have banned the march "Chernobyl Way" on April 26, but were allowed to rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples.

About This was announced Radio Liberty Chairman of the organizing committee of "Chernobyl Way" Yuri Khadika.

The rally will be held from 18 to 20 hours. On his decision, the authorities informed the applicants shares at today's meeting in Minsk city executive committee.

The applicants were asked on April 26 to allow gathering of the "Chernobyl Way" in 18 hours on-site at the Academy of Sciences and a procession through the street Surganova to Chernobyl Chapel. Previously, it took action on this route. Why now this route is denied?

"The authorities could not give a normal explanation. Refers only to the fact that the law prohibits the action close to the subway. Previously forbade now prohibits. This we have always the case. A reference to terrorism as artificial. I asked them, I suspect they are, Sadowski , Fedynich who signed the application of terrorism? They said — no idea, but nonetheless, do not allow, "said Yuri Khadika.

A final decision on the action organizers will on April 20.

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