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Prophecy "Buryat Nostradamus"Baykal gave the world not only the purest water in the world, but also a special energy. It at different times have different effects on the state of the surrounding nations. A Khan — comes from Transbaikalia — is worth. Among the Buryat people lived and celebrated prophet — Barnashka grandfather, a native of the village Shuluta, near Elantsov.
Residents of the island of Olkhon, located in the northwestern part of Lake Baikal, the seer said that, one of the most famous people in the region, local Nostradamus. Outstanding prophet Barnashhe Baltahanov, which in the world called simply Barnashkoy, lived in the nineteenth century — the first third of the twentieth century, was born about 1830, died in 1924 at 94 years of age, Having measured accurately as long life to his granddaughter …

Eyes Wide Shut

Barnashhe born into a peasant family (or a family of nomads, who were forced to farm), not go to school and was completely illiterate. His height was average. Rather skinny than fat, more blonde than the main Buryat population. His wife came from a well-off family, married had children — a daughter and a son.
It is known that predicting the future Baltahanov began after twenty years, in the middle of XIX century. He just went door to door as whacky and broadcast. Said many times without stopping. Usually prophesied with his eyes closed, his back to the stove.
Barnashka expressed himself in Buryat and quite literally, so villagers understand him pretty bad and not always granted that he was telling them. Records like Nostradamus quatrains, the seer is also not conducted. But the content of his predictions was passed on from generation to generation in oral form, and thus came to the attention of our time.
A century ago, he foresaw the electrification of the whole country, the ubiquity of radio and cars. Here are some of his predictions in Russian language:
* The time will come when people will not make a fire, will not need furnaces and boilers. People will take fire from the ceiling, the walls.
* People will no longer ride horses, carts. Will iron horses that will not need the grass and hay. Will ride on some wheels.
* The houses will be people without a mouth, eyes and ears, invisible, but talking and singing.
Barnashka foresaw many of the global events of the twentieth century, in particular, the 1917 revolution, dispossession and repression of the 30s, World War II, as well as (it has not happened yet) care drilled from the shores of Lake Baikal.
Foretold Baltahanova looked like this:
About the revolution and the war, "Imperial power falls, the law will administer man-convict. The royal family would be killed. Comes to power man with black hair … The new government hold out 70. The four-year war will begin in the west and ends in the south-east. 10 people return home 5-6 people. After this war, peace is established for a long time. "
Of dispossession and repression: "The rich breeding farm, build and accumulate money. Lost all their wealth, they get themselves in difficult places will freeze and starve, their estates would be nothing left, except two or three columns. "
Territory of the Baikal region, "Earth to ensnare iron snakes, from the bottom of Lake Baikal will extract the black gold, and all the water from the lake to pump in an artificial basin."
The words "black gold" is all treated as the same — oil. These events are expected still to come …
Of displacement drilled from the shores of Lake Baikal foreigners: "The first settlers to help, the second will leave without problems, others leave, barely leaning on a cane and holding cow tails."
According to the prediction, the exiles find refuge in a secret valley, the entrance to which is marked by a white stone in the written gorge between the mountains, somewhere in Mongolia. But until that time, we also have not lived.
"After the third time (the last exile bore) — continues prophecy — could happen terrible fiery 40-day war, when on earth any catastrophic firestorm after it, people will be less growth and scatter all over the world. They will be so small that they will be forced to look for a similar ".
A sure sign that it is time to turn from their familiar tribal seats, as predicted by the seer, will start construction of the iron bridge over the CAPM. If the outcome is not successful, then the local people will see on the sacred lake of military men in blue helmets.

Not heal people's path …

During my trip to Olkhon, I met with the chief shaman Valentin Hagdaevym. According to his story, his grandfather was Barnashki two granddaughters.
— Elder Dende not nursed dozhivshim to antiquity prophetic old. Younger Ayhe was very different. She cared for him, cooked and fed aged predictor. He talked about how he would come another time, and then Ayhe live exactly the same as my grandfather lived for Barnashka — 94 years.
In the early twentieth century it was a very old man, who returned home after wandering. Baltahanov walked the Buryatia, had lived in Buddhist datsans. It is only now trying to remember and pass grandchildren, to whom and when he walked. Direct descendants of his left, but the descendants of his family is, they now live in the village Anga in Elantsov.
To the village of Ang I had to walk seven kilometers. After spending the night at the hospitable Valentine Hagdaeva morning set out.
There I met my grandfather Barnashki granddaughter, 70-year-old Galina Protasovnoy, the wife of an elderly shaman Frantsevich Horgoeva Ignat, who traveled from Ulan-Ude. Great-grandfather died before she was born, and she remembers only a few of the things that Ayhe mother told her as a child:
— Father's name was Barnashki Butuhan and mother Habal. They were simple farmers. Great-grandfather in the family was the only son. In school, he did not study. Spoke mostly in Buryat. He traveled extensively in Buryatia, lived at datsans. And what can I say, he listened and remembered …

For the record

Datsan — Buddhist monastery-university from Russian drill. In the Tibetan tradition called datsans separate "faculties" of Buddhist monasteries.
On the way from roadside Buryat yurts now representations only for trade and travel, I was talking to an elderly Buryatia. Of course, he also knew about all the predictions Baltahanova grandfather, but to retell their unknown passer-by, and even more talk about the kind and kin Barnashki, not risk.
More talkative was young Stanislav Greshilov, employee Olkhonskiye administration.
— Each drill has to know the family tree up to the seventh generation. My uncle told me that my grandfather actually Barnashka our relative. After grandson grandfather Sobhodeya we kin.
What grandfather Barnashka prophesied already know all the children, what will iron bird flies, everything will be entangled by wires and iron. Said that there will be a cart without a horse. That communication between people is not directly, but through the boxes.

Posthumous secrets

Buried grandfather Barnashku on Mongolian custom. At the burial ceremony was attended by Stanislav Greshilova own grandfather, born in 1913. He was walking beside the horse, Driven Barnashki remains for burial. But where is the tomb of the legendary soothsayer, no one now knows.
— My mother told me, — says Galina Protasovna — that a hundred years from the date of the funeral to pass, so it will find the grave.
In the deserted and destroyed Shuluta Ulus, where he lived Barnashka, long remained the only standing house soothsayer. He may have survived to the present day, if not the bride of his son took out the logs in the area Anga, where it some time later and burned. The woman is blind, and the community considered it payback for the breach of the covenant Baltahanova near death — not to move house.
One of the legends associated with the name Barnashki, claims that all the subsequent history of the Buryat people recorded on the right shoulder blade soothsayer. Dying, clairvoyant willed that his body was not buried in the ground and left on the platform (perhaps because the resting place is still not found), because after 100 years in his bones should show all the predictions: those that he made in life, and new.
In 1950, scientists led by Academician AP Okladnikov looking grave soothsayer, but the locals refused to help them: after all, the time to detect it has not yet come …

For the record

Okladnikov Alexey Pavlovich (1908-1981) — Soviet archaeologist, historian, ethnographer. USSR Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Yakut ASSR, RSFSR, Buryat ASSR. The main work Okladnikova devoted to research the history of primitive culture, Paleolithic and Neolithic art, the history of Siberia and the Far East.
Many dedicated deny future outcome of the Buryat people of Siberia. As well as questioning the possible "forty war." Whatever it was, all the other Barnashki predictions have already come true.
And there are still 12 years before the date of discovery of the relics of the holy fool Barnashhe Baltahanova. Perhaps, then, in 2024, we know for sure what will happen to Russia in the future …

Mikhail Jurowski
"Secret Power» № 2

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House where he lived grandfather soothsayer, did not survive.  It burned.  In its place, great-granddaughter of the family set a new house, like a pradedovsky

House where he lived grandfather soothsayer, did not survive. It burned. In its place, great-granddaughter of the family set a new house, like a pradedovsky

The veins of the deceased is inscribed in golden letters predictor future Angara
In Buryat shamans many different force. But forecasters are rarely, especially foolishness. About predictor Barnashke grandfather came from areas Sholot, near Elantsov knows more or less all the Buryat population Olkhon district. Although he died already more than eighty years ago, still roams more remembered for the terrain and at times — from the old generation to the young. Barnashki contemporaries remained already dead. And the current old men know about it only from the words of their ancestors. But the young believe in the legend that when you find the grave Barnashki on his body, repose upon a time, people will be able to read the predictions coming days.
Barnashka predicted planes and TV

If you ask a Chernorud drilled though, at least in Ange, though in Elantsah — everyone knows about Barnashke. In this case, no one would call him a shaman, only predictor. Shaman — it is almost a profession, the ancestral calling, descendants inherited kind. Predictor of the same — as random mutation. Although descendants Barnashki and believe in the family they should appear more forecaster. Prophesied the appearance of the end of life itself Barnashka. When you see the new herald of the future, no one knows.

What predicted Barnashka grandfather? And he predicted very different. Part of predictions concerned the Buryat people. Said the grandfather of the exodus from the shores of Lake Baikal Buryats in Mongolia. Like, they will go in a few streams. Sign that will soon be the outcome, will be the construction of the bridge over the river Sarma. Every nation, according to the predictions of his grandfather, will live separately. Said Barnashka and shrine of the bore — the Baikal: prophesied that we will be here to extract oil.

Agnes Buzhinaeva

Predictions Barnashki memory of predictor live in people. Former teacher of Elantsov N. Maina and teacher from Agnes Chernorud Buzhinaeva remember old stories that are heard in his youth

Predictions Barnashki live in the memory of people randomly, placers, but live.

— At the time of the NEP is built big houses. A Barnashka a relative came here and in the dining room one day and said — nothing, they say, build, your house is so beautiful to be in the wall of a thought. And so it was, the person dispossessed, commandeered a house and taken out, put in the fence. Here's another one I told my grandfather, my grandfather Mangin: Barnashka him during the revolution personally say they are fighting for power, two people — one convict, the other King. And if the convict takes power, life will become better. He said that in Baikal railway built. I think he is talking about BAM. Said another of the Americans in nemnuscheysya clothes — old remembers conversations he had heard it in his youth, Maina A. Nikolayev elantsinskaya pensioner, a former teacher.

— I once had a chance to hear stories about Barnashke. The memory still have snatches of conversation. He said that the light comes, will be flying iron birds. My grandmother told me how he prophesied: "In the wall you will have people talking. You will listen to the voices through the walls. " Almost Great Patriotic predicted — a teacher of Russian and literature of Agnes Buzhinaeva Chernorudskoy school treats with respect to the heritage of their ancestors.

Apparently meant electricity, airplanes, radio, television — all signs of technological progress. Agnes A. Once upon a time, back in the 70's, as a young, spoke several times with the teacher the History Department, who led the excavation on the Baikal shore.

— He tried to convince me that Barnashka was, as it is now said to be more advanced, I suppose. Knew a lot, compared to the others. Can be communicated with exiles, which in those days was a lot of Baikal. From conversations he found new information, which conveys to his. Kindred the information perceived as revelation.

— Well, what point of view you practice?

— My mind is embodied both.

Seer or storyteller?

Indeed, it is very difficult to say about the nature of the prophetic gift Barnashki. He was a clairvoyant — some easily compare it with Vanga — or his gift was enlightening? Maybe he really just passed the information they have received from interlocutors? Because at that time in Europe already had electricity, radio, appeared aircraft. And he really could not hear it all from educated people could participate in conversations exiles. The railroad could be Circumbaikal, jeans Americans have appeared long ago. However, for his people, despite all logical calculations and doubt, he remains a mysterious figure. Apparently, he predicted something, as no one will ever no journalists, no scientist can say.

Based on the stories of different people, we have made a rough portrait Barnashki predictor, according to documents — from the area Barnashki Butuhanova Sholot (Shulut). Predictor derived from the peasants (more correctly, perhaps — from the nomads, who were forced to farm), not go to school and was completely illiterate. His wife came from a well-off family, and had children — a daughter and a son. Son later married a rich woman.

Prophesying Barnashka was like Russian fool — he said. Said many times without stopping. His flowery language mythical relatives seen as a tale of the future.

people remember grandfather Barnashku

— He says that petrol will go up that foreign cars will all go. It will be good … — Granddaughter grandfather Barnashki Protasovna Galina recalls ancient prophecy. — And then anything can be.

They say its a phenomenon even the scientists write books, and even now there is interest. That's like us.

Found granddaughter Galina Horgoevu predictor. Her mother, dozhivshaya to old age, now deceased, was the favorite granddaughter of the old man. Galina herself Protasovna grandfather did not see — the old man died in 1925, she was born just before the war, in forty-one. The mother told her daughter that Barnashka was not so simple — illiteracy is illiterate, and Verkhneudinsk (formerly Ulan-Ude) from a young age went punctually, "all the time." Went not alone. One of his friends was a fellow-literate who have completed three classes of parochial schools. What did they do in Ulan-Ude? Unknown. But there Butukhanov brought many stories.

— My great-grandfather had all in my head, a good memory, did not write anything. A guy wrote him all predictions. But soon died, and all the writings after burned.

Why then burned all the records? Possible that by Butuhanovu among relatives treated with caution. Some Buryats told that relatives feared Barnashku, his speeches, tried to hide it from the eyes. Human superstition and rumor could connect and death buddy that he recorded for the vision of a prophet.

— Some did not respect, do not believe him. Were such. And some believe — and live well — said great-granddaughter.

We tried to find out whether there was the house where he lived the old man kakih-nibud things from him.

— House of Sholot we moved to Angu. But it burned down, and in its place we have put this one. And from things have nothing left. Nothing, — assured us Galina Protasovna.

Barnashki after death, so there could be no records, no things. But there was still the same rumor, which had reported a strange story of the death and the grave of his grandfather Barnashki.

Grandfather's grave no one could find

— My mother told me that a hundred years from the date of the funeral to pass, so it will find the grave. But I was so bad all I remember.

Galina Protasovna complains of memory. Similarly, as in forgetfulness complained and other old people whom we asked about Barnashke. They forgot or just did not want to devote to strangers in the secrets of his people — we do not know is their right.

Barnashki grave — the most mysterious and, perhaps, the only relic left over from the famous grandfather. Officially, no one knows where she is. Archaeologists looking for some reason Barnashki grave. But did not find — none of them bore not opened her whereabouts. Granddaughter claims that the tomb lost relatives places do not remember. But perhaps the strong interest of different people to the person of his grandfather Barnashki causes children to protect the resting place of someone else's eyes.

On the grave of his grandfather related the two legends. First passed granddaughter, said that in 2025, the centenary of the death would be this tomb is found.

— Santa Barnashka himself said that the body, the blue veins of gold will write a new prediction. About what? I do not know.

Another version of the legend of the burial Barnashkinom says that before his death bequeathed the seer not to bury themselves in the ground, and bone dry wind. "And look at the bones of the future" — taught Barnashka relatives. But relatives allegedly performed grandfathers will not — could not see, did not want to know, is not known. Buried it in the ground. A place withheld.

Anyway, wait a prophecy fulfilled Barnashki of his own grave, and gold writings, have for many years. Meanwhile, growing up in a family Barnashkinoy grandchildren granddaughter. She has four grown children and five grandchildren. Maybe they manifest Barnashkin gift. Maybe their children or grandchildren. No one knows. We asked Galina Protasovnu try to remember any prediction grandfather that reaches out to our time.

— He says that petrol will go up that foreign cars will all go. It will be good … — Galina Protasovna stops suddenly. — And then anything can be …

Svetlana Mikheev, "SM Number One." Photo by Sergey Ignatenko

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